Camel Spotted At The Airport In London… Is He Rocking Bey’s Cargo Pants???

- By Bossip Staff

Jay-Z was spotted walking through Heathrow Airport in London. He is in town to perform at The Brits… We just wonder what’s up with those feminine-looking cargo pants he’s rocking.

More flicks of Camel under the hood.

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  • SweetChariot

    They actually do look pretty feminine but who cares?

    He is rich, why would he care about what we think?

  • SweetChariot

    Oh, I am first! I would like to thank you all below me!

    You all can kiss it!

    LOL, just joking…

  • TRUTH IS....

    satan told him to wear them

  • beyaki lacefront

    oh, well..follow me at @datqueenash

  • Mock Rock Star

    Nothing can make him look cute…Bey how do U allow yourself to be inimate with that dude??? I wonder if she puts a bag on his face 😉

  • Miss Ace

    LMAO @ “TRUTH IS….”
    but he is filthy rich so he can careless, but thats so mean to call him a Camel


    man, fucc wat yall broads talkin bout, this man looks good! plus, cargo pants dont look feminine when women wear them so how the hell u get feminine from them is beyond me. they’re not fitted and he’s not saggin (which is always a plus) and they’re not pink (like a certain unnamed rapper wud wear) so get off his s@ck already…

  • carl

    MHI Maharishi clothing line based out of London

  • guttahman

    timbs we off that?

    smh lol

  • Macie

    JayZ is not aging to well. He is to old to be dress that way. He can dress age appropriate and still appear relevant. The older he gets the uglier geez.

  • Download Free Mixtapes

    maybe that’s the style in london??

  • GTFOH with the DUMB

    Good Looking, Attractive, Handsome: does not ever apply to that man… Not ever…not even half a** cute. Be Real, his big money brings out the ** in some of you. Trust after forty something years of looking in a mirror at that mug, he ain’t blind to it and he doesn’t care if his money and status is what keeps you by his side either. He’s not above being a sellout…lol

  • CaliGirlNOT

    They look like the same pants MJJ had on in “This is It.” Love J, but Mike rocked them.

  • Please do not compare Michael Jackson the KING OF MUSIC TO THIS WICKED THING

    Michael Jackson was an exception human being.

    This thing “Jay-Z” the exact opposite.

  • Dineo

    GAY-Z in his zone rock it camel face …u look fab

  • hahahaha!!!

    Good looks don’t equal a good man. That’s why the majority of black women are baby mamas instead of wives.

  • Small Minds...

    The short sleeved jacket is far more feminine than the pants.

  • ladyv

    lol @ the pants. we havent seen him with much of any kind of designs on any of his clothes but this is hilarious. and where is his entourage?

  • flawda

    why do you people act like yall know these stars? How does the way one dress determine who a person is,it’s pretty superficial some of the stuff ya’ll say.

  • drenk


  • ***JUDY***

    He look aight to me.

  • young'n'n

    well said

  • williamsfan

    2/16/10, 06:31:am

    Good looks don’t equal a good man. That’s why the majority of black women are baby mamas instead of wives.

    Reel-Talk hahahaha!
    Coud not have said it betta!

    Both him and his wife bring s*(t to the table. They demonstrate positive black love and affection towards each other, so ummmmmm (scratching head) wutz the problem again?

  • dayg715

    it figures you dumb ignorant sheep would defend him. anybody else, y’all would be calling them every gay name in the book, but because it’s jay-z, the pants look ok? SMDH.

  • Realest

    GTFOH!! U’re blamming the cargo pants on illuminati too??? ILLUMINATI IS REAL but don’t come here with ignorant chit.. U’re a nutjob and i wonder where u spend most of ur damn time…

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