Someone Hijacks Cassie’s Swag AGAIN, This Time It’s…

- By Bossip Staff

As if everyone else hijacking it wasn’t enough, some new chick has decided to shave her head.

Pop the top to find out who.

Mel B hopped on the scene for the Brit awards in London with her head half-shaved and glittered up. Damn just when we thought this trend was fading out this chick keeps it going.

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  • Paris Carter

    who gives 2 cents?

  • Tam Tam


  • Sarah

    This woman is foolish!! How old is she? Second all these full black girls running around following Cassie when Cassie has that pretty asian hair that can grow back super fast. These people dumb.

  • county50

    i like it…

  • Soul Touch

    Where do you think Cassie got her style from (most of them these days), the 80s…and the Queen Grace Jones.

    Mel was doing the 80s…Cassie wasn’t even born yet.

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Another one joins the swagger jacking bandwagon I see lol
    Mel B’s body is serious though & I think she’s pretty 🙂

  • How come you can't think?

    Oh well, it’s her hair, and it probably makes her feel more free, not so burdened down by the thought of ‘no hair’

  • Truth and Di*k hurts

    that ish aint cute at all…

  • 4mxperience

    *agrees with Soul Touch*

  • ldw

    cassie did not do it was miss jack davey…cassie jacked her style.

  • Dirty Diana...Let Me Be ♪


  • Deirdre B Pride

    This is dumb. No trend is or hair style belongs to one person. Somebody else is gonna do it.

  • Telling it the way I see it.

    Cassie did not invent that hairstyle and she only cut her hair that way cause diddy told her to.

    you sound like a complete idiot.

  • iphoner

    co-sign w/soul touch

  • too cute

    who cares,it’s ugly anyway

  • Soya

    Stupid woman, WHY?, not getting much attention i guess

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983....60 Days!!!

    I mean you had her name in the accompanying link. She looks cool though.

  • hell naw

    Oh no…she looks rather unfortunate…even more than usual… 8-o

  • Rihanna's sharp n witchy fingernails took the oath

    her little girl by eddie had this hair style a while back


    Who said that “Cassie” owned that hairstyle? *crickets* lmao MEL B YOU LOOK GOOD MA…LETEM HATE 🙂

  • redcora

    well she just aught to the way she shaved her child’s head..

  • Truth-is-Truth

    This hair cut is in replica of a famous witch. This is to let yall know that they are down with witchcraft.

  • ladyv

    a mess! enough said

  • fantasy!

    A chick had her hair like this at the mall today. I guess I was staring pretty hard with a seriously disgusted look on my face, because she gave me a look like she wanted to swing on me LOL. That mess is ugly.

  • jinxy

    Seriously, who cares. Cassie probably got the Idea from Lisa Lisa

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