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While Bey Bey is getting all oil’d up by big lip Julius, Jay-Z was partying it up at a Brit Awards after-party at Merah in London. According to some of the party-goers, if you were WHITE, then you were not the RIGHT color to get in that NIGHT…

Rapper Jay-Z has become embroiled in a nasty dispute in Great Britain involving allegations that security guards were selectively excluding people at his Brit Awards after-party based on their race.

The guards allegedly refused to admit white party-goers into the VIP area, while black attendees were admitted immediately without standing in line.

The party was chaotic as people tried to get inside the club and fights broke out. The scene got even uglier, when security guards at the doors to the VIP room allegedly refused to allow white people into the area, while letting black party-goers straight through, according to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper.

“I’ve been to countless showbiz bashes but never have I met meatheads like those at the Jay- Z [party],” wrote the Star’s music reporter Kim Dawson. “Jay-Z is a mega-star and yet it was clear white people were not welcome in his VIP area. While the red rope was lifted for black guests to breeze through, let’s just say it stayed down if your face didn’t fit,” she added. “I have never felt so intimidated. It left me feeling like a mauled dog.”

Black pop star Alesha Dixon, who attended the party, also expressed disgust at the chaotic scene. “My friends have been getting knocked about and no one seems to care. I need to get out of here,” she told the paper. “What a horrible end to the night. I was having a blast at my record label party and now the mood is soured. I wish I’d never come,” she said.

A rep for the rapper said the club handled the security, not the mega-star, while the club’s manager said management was unaware of any problems.

Hmmmm, wonder if the security guards were black or white???




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