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If you thought images like the one above were a thing of the past, you are sadly mistaken. This disgusting stereotypical picture is one of many posted on a horrible racist website… Pop the hood if you can stomach the bigotry.

The words which can be found online HERE are part of a website that is made to look similar to Wikipedia. The page reads:


Name given to OVER 9,000 black females all over the world. Sheneequas are identifiable by their long fake braids that look plastic and their huge a*ses and boobs that exist since the very same day they were ejected from their mother’s chubby vagina.

Although different, sheneequas are a part of the ni**er community and thus share some similar traits. It is a well-known fact that sheneequas, like all ni**ers, originated from Africa, where they once lived among monkeys and gorillas; their close relatives. Only god knows why they prefer watermelons over bananas because their close relatives sure as hell don’t. One common trait that sheneequas still share with their monkey relatives is the obnoxious way of communication. When they “holla” to their sistahs, they are simply using an evolved form of screaming and incomprehensible language that only they can understand, which roots back to monkeys screaming on tree tops to communicate over large distances.

What Is Sheneequa?

Sheneequas (otherwise spelt as Shaniquas) are required to have – at the minimum – 10 children (niglets), all with skin that is blacker than black, all by different fathers. A Sheneequa’s daily meal consists of fried chicken, Kool-Aid, Watermelon, fried chicken, grits, fried chicken, collard greens, and more fried chicken. Did we mention fried chicken?
It is a well-documented fact that all Sheneequas are really just wearing a disguise. Wipe off that make-up and take off the Brillo wig, and you will find Martin Lawrence.

There’s more… but we won’t subject you to it. The site also features several videos dedicated to ridiculing “Sheneequa’s” along with more images which we’ve included below.

We’re having a hard time understanding why anyone would want to assemble all the worst stereotypes about black women in one place and point and laugh at it. This is an assault on Black womanhood. WHO IS THE SICK F*CK WHO FINDS THIS SH*T FUNNY??????



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