Ho Sit Down: Whitney Houston Throws A Fit Because Her Limo Is 2 Mins Late

- By Bossip Staff

Whitney Houston likes waiting for no one.  She recently threw a fit when her Benz limo took a whole extra two minutes to pick her up from the airport.

Details on the flip.

When Whitney arrived at Brisbane, Australia the last thing she wanted to do was wait for her ride. Apparently she gave fellow travelers an earful by yelling “This is bullsh*t” while waiting impatiently.

When a man close by told Whitney she should take off her sunglasses and enjoy the beautiful morning she responded “mind your fu**ing business.”

SMH at Whitney.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste people.

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  • lvtolaugh

    now that she is sober..

    am 1st,yeahhhhhhhh

  • truth

    @krystal. Of course she doesnt respond to paps cause they have vid cams and live mics! Anything she says would make it to TMZ and Perez Hilton like wildfire plus 30 other news agencies and blogs, lol. Now a stranger who cant prove anything because they arent mic-ed or vidcam-ed; it becomes a he said/she said story. In that case, with no response from her tour PR, is most likely true. Whit has a potty mouth and no sweet church girl by far. Hell, she married gangsta hood rat Bobby! LOL.

    Nuff said.

  • krystal

    @truth: Whitney PR never responds. the only time that they really responded was the 2 times when it was erroneously reported that she had died and when it was erroneously reported that she had reunited with bobby.

    the first story said that the limo/taxi driver made these comments to her and she said ‘get f’ to him now the story has changed to an onlooker said it.

    Which story are you saying is true because it’s already changed and btw, there was lots of press- professional and paps at the airport waiting for her in Australia- there is a youtube of it so your argument doesn’t make sense.
    Again, I don’t believe it. Australia is not some backward country, there were lots of press there.

  • amaryllis

    to truth: I’m in south america and they reported on the news that Whitney was in a coma on Friday. This story took place on Saturday where she is alive and talking.

    Her PR person hasn’t refuted any of the stories so what am I to believe. What you are saying doesn’t make anysense.

    I’m glad that I know for myself that she is not in a coma from a drug overdose as reported on my country.

  • deevy

    If she did have a fit, she has every right to. Obviously it wasn’t her normal driver since she was overseas and a reservation for a car service costs a good amount, plus they know of the reservation far in advance. There is no excuse to be late. I have a fit if my driver is late and I’m not high profile. They should go the extra mile for celebrity or political clients. She should get on her assistant for picking an unreliable company, service matters when your paying a lot for it.

  • http://nautysgirl@yahoo.com bklynlady

    To be honest, I’ve NEVER liked Whitney as a person, only as a artist. He ALWAYS came off as a BETCH.

  • http://nautysgirl@yahoo.com bklynlady


  • chaka1

    it’s probably true unfortunately…

  • TheRealAKA

    to prettyfaceAKA

    I’m an AKA and you disgrace our sorority. We have class and carry ourselves well and you and your opinion is not re presentative of akas.

    Do you Whitney. I got your cd and I love it! didn’t know my own strength, salute and for the lovers are my jam.

    if she wasn’t relevant and so successful, the haters wouldn’t be coming out the woodwork to post on her and hate on her. like she sings,

    ‘..for all the haters in the house, i ain’t singing to you baby’

  • Get Real

    She was probably in need of a fix. There is nothing like an angry junkie.

  • ok

    I hate how you people worship Whitney Houston. Her voice is horrible now. Then when people like Beyonce, theyre stans. Whitney is done she needs 2 years of REHAB and DETOX.

  • http://google gator

    she can’t wait to get a hit of that pipe. that rock is a hell of a drug…… this is a train wreck in the making…

  • Samantha

    Your dumb azzes should know that a mind is a terrible thing to waste since the stupid stories your post you don’t need a mind to follow. Grow up and stop raking your own people over the coals

  • Mika

    Oh well i don’t blame her! That flight is like hella long and nobody wants to wait 4 a ride that they are paying 4. You go Whitney in true diva style.

  • Don't Procreate

    I believe it. Her and Mariah are legendary for being divas. But when you are paying people a lot of money for their services, you want things done your way, when you want them done. It’s not like she was cursing out a cab driver or anything. These are people on her payroll. If you have a deadline at work and your boss loses his s h i t when you don’t meet it, you’re not going to tell him he’s “throwing a fit” are you? No.

  • melody

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  • It's Me

    dat what crack heads do.

  • Toni

    Did ya’ll really do a hoe sit down on Whitney Houston? SMH…

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  • Teenager tryna prove a point

    First of all that wholee whitney almost DYIN thing is a LIE! And second of all Whitney is a legend and she will always be I’m soo happy for her comebak and yall need ta stop hatin and deal with herr sucess!! DONT HATE, CONGRAGULATE!!

  • rochburn

    that nigha musta had her rocks in the car, dude wheres my package lol

  • Princessglobal

    Whitney have all right to have a fit, if her driver is late,Australia is for away, well i have traveled to Australia before ,its a very long flight no one wants to wait at the Airport after a long flight….after a long flight you want to go home or to your hotel and have a shower,and have a good meal………well i traveled a lot,so i know the feelings………

  • Shana


  • tg

    She probably didn’t want to face the paparazzi. Two minutes can be an eternity in front of flashing lights, especially when you aint feeling it. Stop hating on Whitney – she’s trying to do good.

  • Princess P.

    I am OUTRAGED! FURIOUS! that you would have the audacity to call Whitney Houston a “ho”. Who do you think you are talking about? Such disrespect is atrocious. You should apologize. You should apologize right now! Whitney doesn’t deserve this. You are re-generating a story that is not true. You have not checked the facts on anything. Let’s involve our legal team. This is ridiculous!!

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