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Nicole Essigmann aka “Hotlanta” from Flavor of Love Season 3 recently cleared the air about her Jan 30th arrest for battery and child cruelty charges, and she kept it pretty gangsta. Pop the hood for her side of the story.

I want to apologize for the nightmare this has caused my family and i want to apologize to my fans. I feel like tiger woods…stay away from my family…thats the truth though.

I was arrested in Cobb county for two counts of simple battery with harm and one count of cruelty to children in the 3rd degree. I am not able to release details due to the fact that it is under investigation. I will say that i got into an altercation with an individual during the exchange of my youngest son. I was waiting outside in a vehicle while my mother went into the home invited to get my son. Me and my father heard my mom screaming when she came out the door one individual had ahold of my mother and the other had my mother in a headlock. I did what any other individual in my shoes would have done…i defended my mother and stood my ground.

In Georgia when a minor witnesses the incident it is considered cruelty to children in the 3rd degree. I still believe that violence is not the resolution to conflict, however I was in a situation that I did what I had to do.

Don’t start no wont be no.

The system however is set to where you are guilty until proven innocent and i will have my day in court which i am looking forward to getting this all taken care of. I dont do drama, im a lover not a fighter but when it comes to my paper, my family and my children i do not play any games.

I am Hotlanta, i am going to continue to put on for my city,i am going to continue to make a difference in my community,i am going to continue to change lives and continue to pray for strength through these trials and tribulations. Its funny how someones success brings pain sums up this whole situation.

My boys i live for everyday, i would die for my boys,i would kill for my boys that doesnt make me hot-mess hotlanta that makes me a mother.

To anyone reading this that is planning on being successful even if you have to take the sacrafice of kissing Flava Flav to do so….always keep in mind that once you put yourself out there, you will always have people in your buisness, you will have to change your life for privacy and you will always have people saying things about you that dont know you…brush em off….let your haters be your motivators and put that motivation towards turning your dreams into reality.

Im a reality star and no one knows the actual reality of mine.

Thanks for the love and support!!!
Nikky Jamz aka Hotlanta


Alrighty then… She didn’t name no names, but it sounds like somebody got a triflin’ a*s babydaddy!!! Now what kinda fools put Grandma in a headlock??? For the kids sake they need to get it together over there.

Now we could care less if she looks better than Lindsay Lohan in her mugshot, but we will give her props for coming way more crunk than Tiger Woods in her apology — gotta love how she sneak dissed Flav. *Put on for my city I put on for my city!!!”* Go ‘head Hotlanta!




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