When The Checks Stop Coming In… Buffie The Body Selling Booty Workouts Now???

- By Bossip Staff

Buffie “The Body” Carruth is keeping her crotchylicious career alive by peddling workout secrets for great cakes. Buffie has her own website Bootynomics.com where she’s posted workout videos… Pop the hood for a closer look!

Buffie’s site isn’t selling any products at the moment, but there is a Store tab set up, so from the looks of it she’ll be trying to get them dollars soon enough! For now there is a video gallery showing off Buffie busting some booty enhancing moves. Check out a few below:

“The Body” is definitely on point but can we get some background music or something? Buffie’s about as exciting as — okay watching the booty flex is a little bit hypnotic, but can we get some enthusiasm or something Buffie??? Just sayin!

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  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Well,wish her the best & @ least she’s grinding.
    This woman’s azz is unreal lol

  • I Am Legend

    id still beat

  • Medical Apartheid


  • miss

    Funny. first

  • miss

    LOL!!! YAY! I WON!!!!



  • ladyraid

    don’t look like she needs to she looks fit


    FIRST!!!!!!!Need some music Hit me up!!!

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com a rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536 ™

    Hi LOLA.. My cyber friend .. whats good babygirl?

  • Soul Touch

    This has been out for all.

    Let the woman do her thing.

  • tinaabird07

    This is old news..

  • mind ya bizness

    ummm we will NEVER get “cakes” like hers from working out because she has butt injections (an she said it herself on a radio interview with Charmlamagne the God).

  • It's Me

    damn I love women azzes, but this is just too much with the thighs and all. I think I have to pa.ss on this one…nothing bad just a lil too much for me….

  • MJ Fade Away

    that is lovely.

  • It's Me

    too much azz for me, and I am the a.s.s aologist…

  • Glamazon

    Buffy’s a.z.z. is DISGUSTING and LUMPY as hell. I don’t have as much junk as her, but mine isn’t as flabby either.

  • http://charlyndria.blogspot.com/ Ms.Caribbean

    I don’t see what wrong with this? More women need to work out anyway. American women are getting too fat!

  • Roni

    She said years ago that she was going to this. Good move Buffie!

  • Educated Chic

    I’m definitely gonna check the dvd out cause I’m trying to loose about 10 lbs & I don’t want to loose my curves & butt!

  • http://bossip witeshoes

    The world’s most perfect a$$….Bar none!!!!

  • Kool Breeze

    yep…she need to show more energy, looks weak as phu ck.

  • http://pumpsandparadise.wordpress.com pumpsandparadise

    she sound like somebody mama when she talkin bout keepin ur abs tight, lol. i like buffie, she’s holdin it down for the chocolaties!

  • ok

    This DVD will sell like hotcakes b/c the stupid broads out there think Buffy’s butt is REAL. The checks will stack. DUMMIES

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