Jesus Take The Wheel: Queens Man Kills Wife And Daughters Before Taking His Own Life

- By Bossip Staff

A Nassau county bus driver shot his wife and two daughters before putting the 9mm pistol to his head Monday morning in Queens. The apparent murder-suicide was accompanied by a note from the father, Mark Bailey, apologizing for the acts of violence.

Police found four bodies with gunshot wounds to the head at 145-20 230th Place in Springfield Gardens; Bailey shot his wife and two daughters in their bedrooms, while he was discovered in a living room chair. All four were shot using the same 9mm pistol.

Police sources say a note from Bailey was discovered in the kitchen, with the simple apology, “I am sorry. Love, Mark.”

Bailey’s family moved to the U.S. from Jamaica almost 20 years ago. Wife, Dionne, 42, was an assistant principal at Philip Randolph High School. His 19-year-old daughter Yonique was a student at Stony Brook University, while 14-year-old Yolon attended Cardozo High School.

Family members feared something was wrong after Dionne Bailey’s sister and a co-worker, Dorrett Combs came by to give her a ride to work around 7 a.m., but she never showed up and no one answered the door or phone. Her brother-in-law and a family friend were then called to check on the home, and they called police after they were unable to get in. The first officers to arrive left, saying they couldn’t do anything.

It was only then that Dionne’s brother-in-law peered into an open window and saw one of the deceased. “I looked in and saw someone under the covers,” he said. “I reached in and felt a leg and felt it was kind of stiff.”

His friend saw blood on the pillow and called police back to the scene. The cops then kicked down the front door and found Mark Bailey dead in the a living room chair.

Dionne’s sister, Angela Brooks, said that the couple had had a fight recently, although she did not know what it was about. She said the argument prompted her sister to stay with a friend until she cooled off.

SMH. What a terrible tragedy. What could possibly be so wrong in life that would make anyone murder their whole family before killing themselves? Those girls had their whole lives ahead of them. Our thoughts and prayers are with their family.


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  • I Am Legend

    Crazy world we live in

  • drenk

    i wonder what drove him to take out his family and then himself, sad story, i hope theyve found peace now

  • STEF

    Sorry to read that, very sad.

  • lattho

    As sad asthis is….this type of thing happens much to often and isn’t suprising anymore.

  • marie II

    what is this world coming too,i jus dont understand it sometimes. why he jus aint take himself out? why he have to do the babies dam.

  • tg

    What a selfish man. RIP Ladies

  • Ca$$idy

    what a STRANGE reference for a story so tragic.

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Wow,what’s going through some of these ppl’s heads nowadays? way too many cases similar to these are becoming too common!

    So tragic! RIP to the innocent victims 😦

  • daywalker Dumb ass!

    @ Cassidy-
    Daywalker hello! wat else would you expect from the brain of someone who calls themselves that! clearly she has no self respect and wouldnt know what it is if she got spayed with it in her mouth!! go back to school clueless S.L.U.T

  • Daywalker(THE DAYDREAM!!!)

    daywalker Dumb *****!
    2/23/10, 10:07:am
    You are so dumb daywalker just like your name you’re whole being reflects on your brain go keep walking the streets you dumb ***** what kind of comment is that you cluless S.L.U.T! UGGG!! stupis people go back to school idiot!

    I’m a man, moron…And to be honest, You are the one who needs to go back to school..Examples:

    “Cluless” is misspelled ..IT’s “CLUELESS”, and “STUPIS” is spelled wrong, too!! It’s “STUPID”….STUPID…But then again, judging from your poor attempt at trying to get at me, it’s obvious that you come from the South, and we all know that the educational systems there aren’t exactly up to par, now don’t we???

  • Sydney™ (Dorothy Height)

    Horrible, horrible tragedy. My deepest condolences to the loved ones of all the victims.

    “What could possibly be so wrong in life that would make anyone murder their whole family before killing themselves?”

    I’ve noticed in the past year, as the economy has worsened, that there has been a significant increase in these depressing stories of the murders of entire families. There was a story, for example, of a man who murdered his family in Baltimore, reportedly because of his increasing financial problems and inability to cover his children’s expenses. I’m unsure what the circumstances are in this latest crime, but I’ve noted a pattern of financial difficulties and mental illness in a number of cases I’ve come across.

    These are very, very stressful, difficult times for a lot of people.


    its crazy to me that if a Muslims did this he a terrorist..anybody else a criminal act…Yooooo they got it all so twisted..
    how many times i done debated with fools about “honor killings” and how it is NOT Islam n how triflin so many of yall mouths are against Islam…wat it do now!?! People are Crazy (majnoon) everywhere, ever color, ever region..

  • Daywalker(THE DAYDREAM!!!)

    2/23/10, 10:02:am
    what a STRANGE reference for a story so tragic.

    Not really…The fact that I’m intimately familiar with the 9mm not being capable of killing man-sized targets begs to say that the shooter could have easily ended up not killing himself while discharging said weapon into his head, or his intended victims’ heads either…It really doesn’t take much for a 9mm projectile to glance off of the skull, and more often than not, they don’t offer enough penetrating force to do so…Just sayin…It’s tragic that the man committed this crime, but it would be far worse had the bullets made the victims into vegetables…That was my point…

  • Tigerlily212

    Agreed w/Sydney-
    There have been more stories coming out w/ ppl being suicidal and homicidal..stress gets to ppl and they may not be able to cope. God rest their souls and condolences to the rest of the family. No matter how hard times may get or what’s going on in your life, things will get better. Life is too precious to give up on account of anything in this world.

  • tiffany

    sad sad sad! suicide is really punk way to go out!! Kill some American/Jamaican enemies or pettifier!? like a hero! It’s COP OUT!

  • cherry

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  • Daywalker(THE DAYDREAM!!!)

    Good Morning, Syd!! 🙂
    Good Morning, UrHeinessDaQueen 😉

  • ebonyblonde

    this jus doesnt make sense
    no 1 knows what he was thinkin but him sumthin jus wuznt rite
    people too d@ym unpredictable
    u cant evn trust a father or husband
    very sad
    r.i.p to all

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  • John

    What would make people kill they family? If you suffering seek help but do not take it out on yo family. Black people do not go to therapy but its needed for the ones mentally ill.


    Daywalker is a dude. The chic is his avatar is his daydream.

  • cmoses

    day walker ill tell u whats goin on in my head right now, thoughts of fuking u !!

  • Moreaces

    Man, is it the economy, what is up with all these people killing their entire family, Kids and all. This is indeed becoming way way to common.

  • Sydney™ (Dorothy Height)


    “There have been more stories coming out w/ ppl being suicidal and homicidal..stress gets to ppl and they may not be able to cope.”

    I believe, very tragically, that there will be more stories to come. If I’m not mistaken, we’re in the worst economy since the Great Depression, and the unemployment rate is still very high (particularly in the black community). Many people are scared and are becoming increasingly desperate and despondent as they face an uncertain future. I’ve read articles about how a growing number of the “new poor” include members of the middle class who had never previously depended on public assistance. I saw the news yesterday of a new massive jobs creation proposal in the Senate that I’ll have to read more about.

    A number of men who are accustomed to being dependable providers for their families are finding themselves in a state of helplessness, and I think that’s a factor in some of these criminal cases. Just my opinion.

  • Richard

    I don’t believe it. The note is too short. Somebady killed those people.

    When aren’t married couples having arguments.

    His wife …yes. His daughters no.

  • Sydney™ (Dorothy Height)

    Good morning, Day, I’m glad you exited the topic of 9mms vs. .45s. . .

    I found more information about this particular story on the New York Times’ website, btw. The wife had reportedly left her husband briefly last year after finding his gun underneath their bed.

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