Knock-Down, Drag-Out

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Things between Bugs Monkey and Shaniqua have reached new lows.

Click HERE to get an official update on the foolery, including a real jacked up move on No Cent’s behalf.

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  • Lauren

    Not these 2 again…


    they just need to get back together…

  • Mamacita


  • Blacksmith

    Bought the rights to her life story. Not sure if I should laugh or just leave this alone and shake my head.

  • silkybee

    This story was reported in the Aug 08 of Sister2Sister magazine. How come that wasn’t mentioned????

  • Hannibal {FRESH OUT OF JAIL}



    its so common: spiteful hood drama, exaggerated by fame and money

    my uncle & aunt doing the same sh*t to each other, all the crazy back & forth with each other… no why, b/c they still love each other!

  • Way 2 Grown


  • Koi Norelle

    Wow. You mean to tell me that you can buy the rights to someone else’s life story? I totally understand that you can get a gag order against someone to prevent them from publicly discussing certain matters but I wonder how in the world can you prevent someone from publishing a story about their life? I mean- does the person sign something over to you? I know you can get them to not discuss YOU in their book, but how can you stop them from discussing THEMSELVES? I am going to research this topic and I have an idea! Shaniqua make it like fiction! Like O.J’s book (so-called). Make the title something like- “If I had drama with 50 Cent it probably would’ve went down like this…”

  • LadyLuvsVodka

    I can’t be mad at 50 ya know that broad would write a tell all cause she ain’t got no other income

    she should have just kept her mouth shut and she would have been alright

  • Aunt Viv

    I refuse to:

    1. Go on Livesteez

    2. Comment on Bugs and ‘Niqua

  • Hannibal {FRESH OUT OF JAIL}


  • tintin

    he’s a smart man, who else would possibly think of doing something like that.

  • Lauren

    Auntie, they just saying that 50 bought the rights to Shaniqua’s life story so that she can’t write a tell-all book….

  • tiredofitall

    Damn if I met 50 in a club I will neva f**k him….It seems like he is very sensitive and once you screw him he goes below the belt…Not mad at him

  • Aunt Viv


    Thank you 🙂

  • Kesha

    He obviously has something to hide. He’s such a punk. I don’t like him.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    O Lawrd! I get where he is coming from, becuz she is a never-ending story. But whatever…..This is why people don’t need kids beefore marraige…..Too much drama!

  • bria

    In a minute the court is going to step in and take their son and make them get counseling and parenting classes. Just because he has money don’t think it can’t happen.

  • Man, I just don't care

    As a rapper 50 Cent is absolute garbage.

    As a business man, he puts Donald Trump to shame. The deals this guy gets are ridiculous. Since his bread and butter is rap, he needs one more hit album… and he could be at $500mil!!!!!!

  • Jayla James

    Thats some true baby mama drama. I think he smart for doing it because I am sick of these tell all books. She should have gotten her own self together as 50 do and stop trying to live off of him


    (Johnson Simms: The Underground Lawyer)

  • livesteeze

    Don’t go to livesteeze – it ain’t worth the trip!

    Posted July 29, 2008

    For months the world has been privy to the ongoing drama between 50 Cent and his ex Shaniqua Tompkins. The two are in an extended legal battle, and their presence in the press has included stories of public shouting matches, love triangle fist fights, and a mysterious house fire. It’s a tale ripe for a book deal. Shrewd business man 50 Cent, however, has managed to make sure his lover-turned-rival won’t make a dime from it.

    The music mogul managed to buy the rights to Tompkins’ life story so she can never write a tell-all book about her relationship with 50 – real name Curtis Jackson. The woman has an 11-year-old son, Marquise, with Jackson and is currently in court with the rapper in custody and child support cases.

    “I bought the rights to her life story so she couldn’t write a book,” said 50. “I seen her being ridiculous; I knew her capabilities of going in that direction, so I bought the rights,” he added.

    The G-Unit boss has said that the legal troubles with his ex have stemmed from Tompkins receiving bad advice from her friends. This poor counsel included demands for more child support after 50 moved the woman and his son to a $1.5 million home in Long Island, NY so that the youngster could benefit from a quality school district. The entertainer’s resistance to the demands ended in 50 winning a court order to evict Tompkins from the


    “Her lawyer decided to present to the public that 50 Cent is kicking his son out of the house.” The house was destroyed earlier this year in a fire that authorities called “suspicious.”

    Since the fire, Tompkins has obtained a restraining order against her ex and has claimed that 50 is responsible for the blaze.

    “Now they done kidnapped my first one (son). My son’s mother got him, holding him hostage,” said 50.

    The custody case is scheduled to resume on September 15.

  • http://n/a anonymous

    For Koi Norelle:

    50 can stop Shaniqua from discussing herself because WITHOUT 50, there IS no Shaniqua. She has known him and dated him when he was just Curtis and in the beginning when he was 50. We all know if she were to write a book it would be nothing but a ‘Bash 50 Cent’ novel.

    That’s one way to get a gag order; she can tell what she want but she can’t discuss her relationship with Him.

    I agree with 50; keep the tramp quiet; after you all have your day in court I don’t think she’ll much feel like talking LOL

  • Latrice

    Say what you want about 50, but that chick blew a carefree life. 50 would have taken care of her and the boy until the end of time, if she hadn’t gotten greedy. The boy is like 10 or 11, that’s at least 10 more years (assumming the child goes to college) of child support payments she would have received. The amount of money he was paying her was enough for her to stack and live comfortably.

    I would have played my role to the tee! lol

  • msjlh

    Hole up?!

    this chic was getting $25,000 a MONTH from him? What the hell is she complaining about? There’s some single mothers out here that don’t even get that much a year….I should know I’m one of them.

    However, me and my sons father have never any type of falling out. Even though I don’t get that much for child support it doesn’t matter because my son and his dad have a close and loving relationship and that’s all that should matter anyway.

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