Houston… We Have A Problem: Australian Fans Say Whitney Couldn’t Entertain A Dead Rat!!!

- By Bossip Staff

We thought Whitney Houston was back but apparently not. She recently performed in Brisbane, Australia and the fans were more than disappointed in her performance, they were DISGUSTED! Some fans even walked out before the show was over.

Flip the Lid for a Peek at Whitney’s Performance

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Damn Whitney, this is not a good look for you!!!

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  • chaka1

    Get it together Whitney! You are better than this.

  • limpsyrussel

    LMAO @ dead rat… Aussies go hard on tyranika

  • God's Child

    Pray for Whitney

  • tg

    Yeah – she definitely FREAKED up. Nothing that can be done now, but take the criticism and try to move on from there. LMAO Poor Whitney

  • andrea

    say it isn’t so!!!!!

  • happybdaytome

    Poor thang.

  • frida

    I love you and your talent, but, please get it together, don’t fall back on old habits, you’re much better than this.
    I hope you read this, your fans are waiting for you to sing beautifully, again.
    a fan,

  • Fizzoni

    Whitney need to Quit, get a smaller apartment and save some money for the future

  • Moreaces

    Sometime they just cant come back, what a tragic shame.

  • rain

    She should have lip sink,take a break whitney,your first mistake was that dumb million dollar bill song,written by akeys an swizzbeats

  • CJ

    No matter what Whitney does she will always have that scope of people who will use her addiction against her continuosly. She will always be accused of relapsing even if perhaps she does not hsve the voice like she once did because of her addiction. I pray she stays strong and not allow the media hype to truly caause her to relapse again by being so heartless with some of the comments. I also hope she has a strong support system at this time too.

  • Sharie

    Has anyone else noticed that her tongue always seem extremely swollen. Like it’s HUGE. I’m not tryin to be funny either- Is that a side effect of the crack? She smokes cigarettes so I assume that did a number on her voice too…

  • 4 Real

    This breaks my heart. This woman was given such an AMAZING gift. Sigh…anyway. I think she’s overdoing it. You can’t go from frying your vocal chords for years, to doing a tour.

  • Somali Ninga

    YIKES!!!! That was horrible!!!
    Austrailians are being honest unlike Americans!! SMH!!! crack is whack!!
    @ nywoman23

  • Aunt Viv

    Holy crack pipe Whitney!!!

    This was absolutely terrible. We know you’re older. We know drugs done messed up your voice. It may be time to really reflect, and see whether or not you should hang it up. You had a great career, but I think the ship may have sailed…

  • 2dimplzs


    @Chaka1 I’m not sure if she CAN get it together! Her years of smoking and drug abuse has ruined her voice plain and simple. I don’t think her voice, her true voice, will ever recover from that. The Damage is done and her hey day is long past her. I love Whitney to death but I’m also a realist.

  • heavenup7


  • Mrs. Rance

    Poor Whit. I’m afraid she has totally squandered her gift and it ain’t coming back. But I don’t know why those fans were so shocked. Whit ain’t sounded like nothin for at least 8 years now. I’d only pay to go to one of her shows for the comedy and the ticket had better be cheap.

  • heavenup7

    tweaking maybe?

  • Sunshine20745

    She’s using again! Plain and simple..so sad to know she use to out sing everyone now she can’t even carry a note to save her life!

  • http://bite_appleplz@yahoo.com conaie

    whitney is pure comedy ….that night she just felt like giving jokes!!! singing wasnt on her mind @ all. the funny thing was she was extremely entertaining..i wud have bought a ticket frount row…….lmao…lmao…honest to god I LUV WHITNEY!!!!!!! SHE IS WHITTY AND SHE KNOWS HOW TO START A PARTY AND THE BYTCHE IS HILARIOUS FOR DAYS..LOL! i think she hasnt failed on her career she jus shud be looked on in a lighter waay…sum like mj….talented but wierd as hellllll..hey luv u whitney,,,lol

  • Black Male

    She needs to get on a good workout plan to build her endurance up. Once you’re out of breath, you’re just out. Coupled with the drugs doing a number on her, she just needs to train her voice again and rest. She sounds horrible right now.

  • prettyfaceAKA

    What a gotdayum shame…she too old for that bullshyt…like I said the other day…just retire with grace and dignity…she got on that TV show with Bobby Brown and put all her business out there instead of just working with vocal coaches and fitness trainers, to help her make the comeback successful…now she needs money to keep up her lifestyle…and she wants her former fans to support her by replacing all the money she fucc’d up wit Bobby Brown…”Hell to the nawl Bobby”…

  • http://bossip.com K3BABY



    Is she on that stuff again???

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