Behind The Scenes: Chicken Chest Soulja Boy Is Teairra Mari’s “SPONSOR”

- By Bossip Staff

Teairra Mari has a new jawn featuring Soulja Boy called “SPONSOR”. Teairra Mari is trying damnedest to get her Beyonce on but Thank GOD Soujla Boy didn’t take his shirt off… He must have read BOSSIP!!!

Pop the Top for Pics and This Jawn “SPONSOR”…

Hate It or Love It?!?!

Gucci Mane is on the original track but of course because of schedule conflict he was not able to be on set…

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  • Aunt Viv

    Garbage, sorry…

  • ebGCH


    and chicken chest…

  • Somali Ninga


  • InLoveWiThMnM

    @lefty she WAS Rocafella first lady before she was dropped…

  • heavenup7


  • heavenup7

    i said fail.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell has happened to R&B music? It is all garbage now. And the sad part is the B-side artist who are staying true to the classic style of our R&B roots are so underrated and never get any shine.

  • TheOriginalBlkBarbie

    While I don’t need a sponsor, I think the song is cute and this girl is gorgeous. I respect Souljah Boy’s hustle, but I don’t like his music.

  • missmack

    love this jawn but its hella old…i downloaded this song early 08!!!

  • KocaKola

    She looks like your average pretty girl after the makeup, the song is horrible and her voice is generic and boring. Artist kill me trying to collab with popular artist to boost their appeal. She has no wow factor the industry can do bad all by itself.

  • charlotte

    I dont care how much you gossip sites try to promote this chick, she will always be irrelevant!

  • Melanie

    Go Teairra girl!!! She has a beautiful voice. Maybe the song isn’t all that, but she sounds good singing it and its a fun song, Just like Keri Hilson I think she can sing also but nobody wants to give her a chance b/c she isn’t fake…. My opinoin So Bubabyebye!!!

  • 1987wasagr8year

    love the song (after u listen to it a few times)hopefully it will put her on the map(any map will do, im sure she not picky at this point)

  • DJShawnTouch

    This is definitly a “chicken head” anthem but will get major spins on the radio and 106&Park smh.

  • Alyce

    i like this song. nice beat..

  • http://yahoo ohyes

    Teairra Mari was not the first lady of Rocafella, she was Princess of the Roc.

  • mary

    So Beyonce is the only woman that can wear the lacefront? everybody does not feel they need to look like Beyonce!

  • Ne Ne aka iB@S

    she look like hilary duff

  • hollabackgirl

    I’m mad she has so many ppl helping her career out and she still can’t sell for shxt. Lmao. Just give up ma. This game isn’t made for everyone. Or do what Christina Milian did.. Marry a rich producer/songwriter & get knocked up to seal the deal.


    remember she came out the same time as Rihanna……then Ri Ri skinned her stink meow at Jigga and Teairra was left for dead on rocafella….then she was dropped….

    teairra actually has a better voice than that hoe from barbados but she didnt give up the meow so her career flopped

  • fl@tbush

    someone should get the slicin’ and dicin on her big ol’ apple head..head big 4 no reson!

  • DC_Diva

    Im all for Tearria Marie. I like this song and some of her old ones. She just gotta go hard.

  • big PIMPIN


  • The Blues Are Coming Back

    I like it!

  • ebonyblonde

    im craving for some real music
    thats sad
    im only 20

    *btw this isnt real music

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