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Monica and Keyshia Cole were looking rather tense while posing for camera at Monica’s promotional party for her new show “The Single: Monica.” More festivities can be found below.

More party pics, including a blast from the past, are just a click away.


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  • Lauren


  • Mandah? diggin on u, digging on me


  • Mandah? diggin on u, digging on me

    damnit lau! stole my shine lol

  • Lauren

    mmmmmmmm cake……….

  • Mandah? diggin on u, digging on me

    gon head and get yo s-curl on keyshia!

  • WhatsYoursIsMine

    Oh, that cake looks DEVINE!

    Is it time for lunch?!

  • Vinandi ( stanning for Khia since 2003)

    its just one of them days, that a girl goes through!

  • hope4more

    I like both of thems voices (he-he)

  • Lauren

    Monica looks nice, thats how a mother of 2 should dress…tasteful yet fashionable… I like….Is that her baby dad???? Why her kids so lightskin? Oh well their cute boys anyway, no matter who is the daddy.

  • Me Dont Likey

    Wow Monica man looks either retarded or like Cee- Lows twin. Either one isnt a good look. Does her man have one of those short arms? Heck he just isnt hitting at all.

  • Brook Lynn Choclate Gyrl

    Monica looking a lil aged, keyshia is to tiny to be wearing all that fabric up top, trey songs can get it anytime, Johnny Gill “Where have you been???” and last but not least, is that Diddy??

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    what exactly is she promoting??? A TV show, radio, XM????

  • Damn shame

    Your too kind to M & R doesn’t have love for them at all especially that little man of hers



  • bree


    i think it because she has a caucasian parent(father) or grandparent..i read that somewhere many moons ago..

    Rocko is so unattractive..ick

    Monica and Keyshia look saucy..but Keyshias face is looking extra tight..tight like-i-can’t-smile-because-my-face-may-crack


    Rocko the Non Rapper looks a mess but that is what Monica likes dead beat non rapping ugly short bad skin little ooompa oompa looking dudes. But I guess with all of the DL fools down here I guess we really have to dig deep. But damned he is one little runt of a man. I would take my chances with seeking a tall good looking man with a body instead of settling for that little ole monkey.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    Johnny Gill?

    LOOK closer!! it says keith sweat

  • Doagae

    How did Monica and that man make such beautiful children…??? I mean she is pretty but he looks a little weird….

  • msjlh:former lurker who has seen the error of her ways

    What is wrong with dudes eye in thumb pic #8?


    Keisha Cole has been lookin hot lately…damn…

  • Mary J. Blige Has Super Powers

    Monica is an incredible singer and should not be slept on. I do wish that she went back to her old hairdo of the late 90’s, the long black hair she rocked in the Boy Is Mine video.

  • Lost for words

    I guessing that Monica is like 6’0 and her lil man is like 5’1 and looking like he just got off of the “very short” yella bus. I mean I understand that some females like the Gansta/thug type dude but hell do they have to look “Special”/or like Jerry’s Kids on the Labor Day Telethone? Heck good thing the kids took after her and not his ghetto thug ugly short ass. He must be packing cause I cant see nothing else in his favor.

  • Mary J. Blige Has Super Powers

    And where is Frankie, the mother of Keyshia Cole? I happen to find her one of the funniest, most entertaining people around. Such witty catchphrases like “man down”, “holla” and “Tyra mail” just BEG to be mimicked. She TRULY stole the show at this year’s B.E.T. Awards with her astonishing presence.

  • who knows

    Did anyone else notice that they didn’t even put Rocko’s name in the description of the pictures? I was trying to figure out who the heck that was until you all said it was him!

  • MS. FEE

    I just had to comment on this one. MONICAS’S BABY DADDY IS BUT ASS UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAYUUUUUMMMMMM!

    Oh, and I am sure she thought by having those two babies, that she would definitely gain weight considering how she used to always complain about being skinny. NOT!!!! She still has NO ASSATALL!!!!!

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