Plastic Surgery Slips: The Ugly, The Uglier and The Ugliest

- By Bossip Staff

We’ve seen some crazy celeb face lifts, breast tucks and liposuction’s but these take the cake.  Peep the pics below and let us know who’s the ugliest of them all.

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  • too cute

    all of them look a mess,wake up people you can’t perfect what god has made,love yourself

  • charlotte

    1. That Cat Lady 2. Donatella Versace. 3. Lil Kim Vivica is not ugly

  • Alrighty Then... (Barbara Jordan)

    Why does plastic surgery always make the women look like the one muppet that was in the band, the one with the long hair and “extra” lips??? Name escapes me right now but I think it was Janice…

  • Ray

    Vivica Fox? Ugly?

    Ok..You guys are now a joke in my eyes!
    (I place you in the same area as the funnies)

    Hate kills

  • MzLeaveItAloneSays

    Donatella looks like a monster:o(

  • berryjuice

    Alrighty Then… (Barbara Jordan)

    2/25/10, 12:19:pm

    Why does plastic surgery always make the women look like the one muppet that was in the band, the one with the long hair and “extra” lips??? Name escapes me right now but I think it was Janice…


  • shonda

    Good Lord

  • ericka the sh$# disturber

    donnatella’s platinum hair needs to go! she’s scary. lil kim needs to fire her makeup artist and ease up on the blush and foundation! vivica looks good. that devil looking nameless woman looks frightening! how do you get up every morning and look in the mirror and think that looks good??

  • Miss u much MJJ

    That nameless woman is Jocelyn Wildenstein aka “The Cat Woman”. She wants to look like this.

  • Ree

    All look terrifying except Viv…but Viv’s just one procedure away from going over the edge.
    Oh, Kim…take off a pound of make-up and that eddie munster lacefront, and you’ll still salvage what’s left of your dignity.
    Catlady – too late!

  • TPorter

    I agree with too cute!

  • Sarah


  • Whatever You Like

    I already hate cats don’t get me started on that one YEEEEEEESH!

  • apc

    That 1 lady looks just like Simba… she better be rich, cause if ur that ugly in the hood u could/should never come outside…..
    Ms. Viv looks great, she’s had some nip/tuck but she still looks like herself….
    Kim was going for the Black Barbie, but Nicki Minaj does it better…
    Versace does look just like that muppet, lls!!!

  • apc

    and Jermaine Jackson looks like one of those people on that show Lazytown.

  • juliemango

    I hate to say it but Don-natellaV!!!!!!!

  • MissCandyce

    Vivica Fox is far from ugly

  • Divabitch

    Vivica didnt need the surgery but she doesnt look bad…the rest..oh boy! Kim just went overboard..she went through a phase in early 2000 where she was channeling Pamela Anderson..bleach blond hair blue contacts, boob job..nose job, augmented lips(WTF???)..too much.

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  • Almaz Nigist

    Wow, people are so superficial. I won’t ever say someone is ugly or ugliest, someone will find them a 10, even if you don’t. It is unfortunate that people allow themselves to be tempted to go under the knife to change their outward appearance. The one thing we have the least control over – whatever its appearance is, we should take credit for the inside, that we have total control over and should have more priority over your appearance.

  • Alicia

    They Know Betta!!!!!!

  • BBBEE25

    Jocelyn and Donatella look like monsters.

  • Bekka

    Vivica looks absolutely beautiful! All the others look the same. It’s funny that when people get way too much plastic surgery, they all look related.

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