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We’re sick of these crazy people treating their kids badly! An Australian woman was videotaped throwing her ten-month-old baby onto concrete pavement after a fight with her partner — who left her behind at the bus stop. Pop the hood for the horrifying details and video.

Shocking footage has been released to the media allegedly showing a mother throwing her ten-month-old baby onto a concrete floor.
The unnamed woman, from Darwin, Australia, pleaded not guilty in court to recklessly endangering serious harm to the child.

She was caught on camera at Palmeston bus exchange. She was drunk, and had been arguing with her partner, who then left on a bus.

She then claims that she ‘dropped’ the baby before others she was with attempted to take the child from her.

There had been a suppression order on the footage, despite it having been played in court. However the restrictions were overturned, enabling the video to be released to the media.

The mother’s hearing will continue in June.

If you can bear to witness it this stupid b*tch was caught on camera doing this mess.

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Who let this broad walk around drunk carrying a child anyway? We hope the child is safe and the courts deal with the mother accordingly.




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