Beyonce Says Fall Back “I’ll Have Kids When I Have Them!”

- By Bossip Staff

Beyonce had an interview where she made it clear that kids are at the bottom of her priority list during her break. Pop the top for the details.
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Damn Beyonce still plans on hitting the studio while she’s on break. What sense does that make? If you’re going to take a break then take a break b*tch. Geeze.

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  • PraDaMaMa


  • PraDaMaMa


  • b

    she looked so annoyed by that man. can’t blame her. he was all in her grill trying to be cute. YIKES.

  • resurrected

    Have a woman should have children when she feels ready especially in this drop a child by the waste side society…. Not a Beyonce fan per say but I would agree with her stop pressuring her her man can but the public no…

  • Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper

    Idk why people keep asking her these questions, she’s gonna keep giving you the same answers! duh! Do you really think she’ll let yall know when she gonna have some?

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Beyonce I BEG you, say something new…or just don’t talk at all and just sing. Yeah, maybe just sing.

  • yy

    If you are looking for a partner based on lifestyle and physical chemistry as well as personal beliefs and common interests, you may try SEARCHRICHSINGLES @ c–o–m:)

  • shineice1017

    Her & Jay-Z have the strangest relationship, I mean it is her choice to have kids or not, but they have been together damn near 10yrs! ok @ some point you would think they would want to start a family by now! come on! they both are just so weird!

  • king

    why you guys hating not every woman in the world wants to have kids you guys act like she needs to have kids. having kids in the prime of carrer is a mistake kids hold you back from accompishing your goals. So she should be like keyshia cole get knocked up by man because she needs a kid to keep him around. beyonce is smarter than that she is about her money

  • Jenny

    I don’t get how people feel they have a right to actually tell another woman (ESPECIALLY ONE THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW) when she and her husband should have kids. I wish all of you losers would get out of that woman’s womb and let her and her husband make that decision.

  • pynk♥{August Wilson}

    Who cares if she has a baby or not? I, for one, thinks she’s being smart about this. She’s not ready. & besides, I think it’s important for a husband & wife to enjoy their time together prior to having a baby.

  • shineice1017

    There both established in there careers so what is the problem! strange!

  • SMH

    That is how she will lose that man, he at the age where he ready for kids. He will knock up the side chick we all know he has

  • Da Angel

    I am still trying hard to like dis broad

  • http://bossip TIABABY09

    @ SMH….yup,that is how Jennifer lost Brad.

  • shineice1017

    I really dont think he even cares, he seems selfish.

  • Mister.Officer

    This hef.fa got no intentions of producing ugly babies. She aint even sleeping with him. She must wish her CUTE nephew was her son.

  • Pookie

    Poor Jigga, all he wants is a heir to his throne!!!

  • shineice1017

    she been in the business a long time, & got plenty of money! i just dont think her or Jay-Z want kids! just be honest so people will stop asking the same questions!

  • Somali Ninga

    I’m glad they’re not going to have children!! The kids are gunna be ugly, devil worshippers! KILLUMINATI

  • whatever

    Why does she need to have her own baby? She’s got a new little brother that she can play mommy to.



  • Pookie

    Jay, please go to carribbean and claim the child that you fathered years ago. Anyone who seen a picture of the boy knows he’s the spitting image of you.

    Karma is a mofo b!tch, you deny your respeonsibities and now Bey wont give you what you want. At least she being smart.


    Does somebody have an attitude? It’s so obvious that this selfish azz is not trying to have a baby for the man she claims to love so much. There is something seriously going on here.

  • 2qt4u

    leave her alone…when she’s ready…she’ll be a great mother. everything is with timing!

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