Rihanna Teaches Alan Carr To Dance, But Did Somebody Forget Their Pants???

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna’s got a lot going on right now.. but two things you should not be expecting from Rihanna are a Rated R re-release and a tell-all autobiography. Bossip has learned the singer is planning a new album though, details on that — and a video of her dancing it up with Alan Carr — on the flipside.

Rihanna recently shut down speculation that she was preparing a ‘name and shame’ book about her life:
“It would be a very long book, and it’s not in the plan right now,” Showbiz Spy quotes her as saying. “Anyway, the world knows a little too much about me at the moment… I don’t think they need to know any more. But if I change my mind I’ll let you know.”

And in album news:

Ne-yo and David Guetta both came forward to say that they will be working on new music with Rihanna. Rihanna also spoke last week to MTV about wanting her new album to be more poppy, energetic and fun. It appears the singer is pretty much over ‘Rated R’, with ‘Rude Boy’ believed to be the FINAL single from the project.

Rihanna was in a very dark place when she recorded ‘Rated R’ and the mood is reflected in the music. Now that she is over ‘the incident’, she wants to put out more ‘dance’-inspired music in the same formats of ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ and ‘Disturbia’. She also wants to shred the dark music to go back to making go-happy upbeat pop songs like on ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’. And since she is working with Guetta, it looks like this is what we’ll be getting.

Apparently, the label are not happy with the massive investments they put in as they were expecting the project to pull in bigger numbers after her massive 20/20 interview. After she spilled the beans about Chris Brown and recieved the biggest promo campaign that mankind could give, first week sales and overall sales in the US did not match the hype, although ‘Rated R’ is doing brilliantly worldwide. The new album and tour is said to be taking priority after promotion ends.

And now what you all have NOT been waiting for … Rihanna’s visit to Alan Carr:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We’re not sure whether we should be more embarrassed for him and his dance moves or her and that hideous knit sweater/drawls outfit? Rihanna — we know this is no pants thing is a trend but a long-sleeved two piece romper set? What is that? Where do they do that at???

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  • absinthe

    new album already, thought this b.i.t.c.h. will have the sense to take a break from music and do some modelling. Jheeeeze hef.fa, your music su.ck so go away……chat bout next album! kmdt!!!!

  • G Money

    Rihanna need to go sit down!

  • Matix B Gaza Mi Sa

    Good I am glad she is getting on with life. I miss the old Rihanna.

  • absinthe

    i’d double hit her still…..but her music still su.cks, rihanna do your “fans” a favor and stop they ears bleeding from the cr.ap you call music. do modelling, they’ll buy the magazine, infact, i’ll buy every copy and jeerrrk off to it in cold lonely room wishing you were there with me. now go away and dont sing, starting ……now!

  • Somali Ninga



    The Rated R CD is not going over so well huh? The few tracks I have heard are not good. If Bey should take a break then Rihanna needs to also. We know that is not going to happen her management and record label want that MONEY! She is not qualified to teach someone how to dance when she can’t dance herself.

  • resurrected

    So did yeah heard that her record label told her to go on 20/20 and to through CB under the bus for record sales..

  • Rated R

    That album actually doing very well here and even better overseas.. Wher does this site get their news from, besides the extra made up stuff they add to the stories

  • bluekid

    Rihanna is a demon child with little to no talent! Fail!

  • resurrected

    Rated R

    the public version of success and the record labels version of success are two totally different thing..

  • WhatAWorld

    I really wish she had real talent,besides Modeling which she should be doing.Rated R had some nice songs.But I really wish artist would go back to taking a break and living life besides parties and clubs,so they can channel their experiences through their music.Her label should feel ashamed of themselves,thinking that throwing her in the studio right after the beatdown would equal diamond status,shame on them for doing that.Now its back to the drawing board,anything for a buck!SMDH

  • K-mia

    this is the first time I’ve ever seen Rihanna look bad

  • whiteberry

    If she would have known better she could have release rated R as a “darkside” mixtape..
    the dance pop tart music is her lane

  • bluekid

    Rihanna is not going to age well, she is already looking old for her age, I guess to much partying.

  • I'm in Love with CBreezy

    youtube XCBTV

    Did anyone hear the new mixtape?

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 50 DAYS!!! SHANI DAVIS ALL DAY!!!

    I love her as a model!

  • kadeen

    you all leave ri ri alone.

  • Tianna

    Ummm I didn’t see any “dancing”. Where ya’ll see that at?

  • ManchesterUKer

    I love Alan Carr to bits, he’s so funny! And Rudeboy is actually a really good song and it’s doing great on charts!

  • Luv Her

    LOVE her!!!!! She’s hilarious!!!!!!!! <3333

  • uk_girl1

    U lot need to lighten up. That was a light hearted interview. She and Allan Carr were not taking it seriously so I don’t see y anyone else should. Rude boy is doing really well, and she’s going on a WORLDWIDE arena tour in two months. Keep going Rih!

  • bluekid

    break a leg on your worldwide arena tour Rihanna.

  • MzTrina95fo

    I love rihanna she is real. un scripted (unlike beyonce), U can just relate to her( not getting battered), but she is a real girl. Love ya rhi rhi. And i love her accsent!!

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