*Bossip Exclusive* Terry Crews And Wife Clear Up Race Rumors [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

*Bossip Exclusive* Terry Crews And Wife Clear Up Race Rumors [Video]

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  • you're not too bright

    they don’t need to clear up race rumors…they need to clear up GENDER issues. homegirl looks like a MAN.

  • darkandpretty

    that lady is the real deal, very wise indeed. Terry Crews is one of them good brothas.

  • jlove

    She is on point….forget color….its about love n seeing ourselves as brothas and sistas…not black n white

  • victoria

    i love terry crews, his wife needs to sit down in the sitcom she does too much all we/ or i wanna see is terry, play your role wiferr !

  • Horse.Head.Nebula

    They seem to be a couple that really ‘gets’ each other. I like Terry Crews…. he seems to be so down to earth.

  • Horse.Head.Nebula

    i mean ‘get’ each other..

  • bri

    people need to stop let them be happy stop picking at everything

  • OGEE

    But like the typical self-hating black man he tried to get the whitest skinned woman he could find *SMH* And for this he gets applause?

  • frak

    She look like Marlon off of “White Chicks” ROTF

    • Lady G


  • juliemango

    Apart from the colour issue he stated that she stood by him when he was broke and he confessed that he acknowledges that we/he needs to be accountable for our relationships and we don’t know it all and need to seek external help!!!(relationshipaccountability is a good thing)

  • keepin it 2 real

    I respect how they addressed the situation in a very courteous and respectful manner. His wife Rebecca didn’t bash or slander the women who might do the same to her without even knowing her but instead said she is one of us love it or hate it. I respect them and their union – it doesn’t seem based on color, looks, or race but mutual respect and love. That’s what we all want right?

  • MsConsciousOne

    I love the Crews! I love that they love the Lord! You can feel their authenticity! I am so grateful that we are finally going to see love on TV again. Thank you, Crews Family. I truly wish your show the best and it’s truly nice to have a reality show about “SUBSTANCE”. God is so awesome!

  • Angee

    I like them. I like Terry Crews, have enjoyed him in film and television.

    I am not a fan of reality TV, but I wish them the best.

  • Kai Eliott

    Well said!

  • foxxy cleopatra foster

    It’s crazy that he even had to address that.

  • ni99as are stupid

    that woman is a crakka, her dad is white which makes her white. there is no such thing as half and half. besides any woman that will tell a black woman to date crakkas are demons.

    • Deerfield4life


  • Elana

    It is wonderful to see two people who really
    love each other.


    @ frak i was thinking the same thing LOL!!

  • justme

    ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiittt she white as a hell inside and out. whateva.

  • First of all

    First of all I just wanna say that black people are the most self hating people out there! Everyone should know that when you have any black in you your black if a white man would have brought here home to his white father he would not except her as a white woman she would be black to him. We as back people need to stop putting ourselves in categories, I don’t understand how if someone else is darker then you that makes them more black. As soon as we start to except ourselves then the rest of America will have too. How can we expect white people to not discriminate on us if we do it.

  • Why

    I’m a light skinned BLACK woman I have a BLACK husband and BLACK children why do I not deserve that?

  • Qamil

    I said it once and I’ll probably say it on this website a million times thanks to the comments some of you people make. NOBODY hates Black people like BLACK PEOPLE.

  • Madbrooke

    She’s cute. I’ve seen them out together and they are truly cool as hell. Congrats and much success on the reality show!

  • Elle

    Who cares!!!She is a sista the end! What I like it that she is well read and intelligent go girl!

  • Selina

    They are so cute. I love to see when black men love their wife and see the value in their wife. I wish them 21 more years of happiness.

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