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Funeral Held For Woman Killed By Ft. Worth Sheriff's Deputy In Her Own Home

Source: Stewart F. House / Getty

Atatiana Jefferson should be here walking the Earth and enjoying her life with her loved ones, but a cop stole the opportunity from her and now he’s paying the price.

Aaron Dean was found guilty of manslaughter today after a Fort Worth, Texas jury deliberated for over 10 hours and decided that Dean was not guilty of murder as he was charged, he was solely and negligently responsible for Jefferson’s death according to NBC News. With his conviction comes a potential prison sentence of two to 20 years. We would much prefer the latter.

The protection fully affirmed Atatiana’s right to self-defense via the Second Amendment when she grabbed her firearm to secure her safety as well as the safety of her 8-year-old nephew from a would-be attacker who failed to announce himself as a law enforcement officer. Take notes, people.

“We have not seen one shred of evidence that anything that Atatiana did was unlawful. In fact, we heard quite the opposite,” she said. “Atatiana Jefferson didn’t commit any criminal acts by walking up to the window with her gun, thinking someone was outside. It’s what many of us would do. That’s what you would expect us to do to try to protect ourselves and, in this case, Zion as well.”

Prosecutors also argued that Dean never saw Atatiana’s firearm as she was crouched down and not facing him at the time she was shot and killed. Dean admitted that he never announced that he was a police officer because he believed there was a robbery in progress. A lot of good that did…



No word on when Aaron Dean will be sentenced but best believe we will have all the details for you as soon as we have the information.


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