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In March, Donovon Lynch, 25, was fatally shot by a Virginia Beach police officer amid an evening of chaos on the citys oceanfront that left another person dead and eight wounded. His best friend Darrion Marsh, contradicts police accounts of what happened t

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How much money will cities continually have to pay out to the families of people who have been unjustly killed by police before they start to really address the problems with law enforcement culture and training? We would ask how many people have to be killed but they don’t seem to be too concerned about that…

BOSSIP previously reported on the death of Donovan Lynch, cousin of Pharrell Williams, when he was gunned down by police in Virginia Beach during a mass shooting event back in 2021. Lynch was not a suspect in the shooting, quite the opposite, he was a lawfully armed citizen who was licensed to carry his firearm and was likely in fear for his life as gunshots rang out around him. Let the cops tell it, he was “brandishing” a firearm. Uh, duh, there was chaos and violence all around him!

According to WTKR, despite the fact that the officer who killed did not and will not face criminal charges, the city of Virginia Beach has agreed to pay Lynch’s family a $3 million settlement. The settlement comes as a result of the $50 million suit that Donovan’s family filed against the city. Here is a portion of the statement that was released following the news of the civil resolution:

As we have learned more over time about the facts of that fateful night and encounter, we have come to understand that a series of unfortunate occurrences led to Donovon’s death that night – which in hindsight should never have occurred as it was later determined that neither Donovon nor the officer set in motion the events that transpired.

The question begs, if Donovan wasn’t doing anything wrong, the cop misidentified him as a threat, and subsequently took his life, why aren’t there any charges being filed? No cop should ever get a “free pass” on a body. If they shoot and kill the wrong person there should be DIRE personal consequences AND financial restitution. Can’t just say, “my bad” and keep it moving.

Rest in peace, Donovan Lynch.


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