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BOSSIP has learned that Delta recently had to cancel one of their connecting flights because two female flight attendants let their beef get out of control. We can only imagine what kind of f*ckery had to be going down for Delta to miss out on even a dollar — but we know it had to be bad. Pop the hood for all kinds of details about this foolishness.

A Delta Connection flight from Rochester, N.Y., to Atlanta was canceled after an altercation between two flight attendants.

The flight was operated by Memphis-based Pinnacle Airlines.

A Pinnacle Airlines spokesman, Joe Williams, told the Associated Press the spat erupted just as Delta Connection Flight 887 returned to the gate Thursday morning after a passenger became ill.

YNN Rochester, a cable news Web site, quoted a passenger, Steve Mazur, who said the two female attendants “got into a fistfight on the plane. The pilot decided to kick everyone off the plane.”

“They told us we had to get off the plane because stewardesses were fighting,” another passenger, Corey Minton, told YNN.

But Williams told the AP there was no physical contact and he didn’t know the reason for what he termed a “verbal disagreement.”

Williams said the flight attendants will be kept off the job until an internal investigation is completed.

“The acts described are not acceptable,” he said.

Williams said Delta found alternate travel plans for passengers on the canceled flights.

Somebody needs to find these broads and shake the sh*t out of them and remind them they’re a*ses are lucky to have jobs in the first place. What the hell kind of sh*t is this? Making folks cancel flights cuz these hoes wanna fight. Tell them hoes sit down!!!




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