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Hip-Hop Wired recently caught up with Common and chopped it up about the crime rate in Chicago and his upcoming music and acting projects.

Peep what Chitown’s finest had to say:

Hip-Hop Wired: I hear you rapping about having this SAG card, are we in danger of you retiring to act fulltime?

Common: I don’t see myself retiring, God willing I just keep growing as an artist. I look at different ways to put out music. Right now I’m working on a song with Cassandra Wilson and Terrence Blanchard. Now that’s jazz but I’m doing it different, like I’m not just rapping on it, it’s actually more of a spoken word/jazz type of think.

I love Jazz music so it made me think about doing a jazz album at some point. Of course acting is a priority for me and I’m focusing on that, but I want to be able to interview with you and we talk about Oscars. We’ll put it out there and make it come to fruition.

Hip-Hop Wired: You’ve also been engaging in voiceover work and you just had the Superbowl Gatorade commercial. Do you think you have a leg up on that considering your rap career?

Common: Yes I can come into the studio and be confident and not be like oh boy my voice sounds weird. You still have to channel different things in a voiceover but I have two advantages. I rap so I’ve been in the studio a lot and I’m an actor so I know how to get into character for what’s needed. I’ve been seeing a lot of spots and being like man I like that whole “What’s G” and “That’s G,” (Gatorade) it feels authentic and pure to me.

I like when I see spots that really get my attention. I don’t watch TV and do stuff like that too much, I don’t be all into popular culture all the time. Overall I walk in my own path. I embrace the world but I don’t know all the reality shows and stuff like that so when a commercial can get my attention that’s saying something.

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