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Stephanie Kyoko is the cover girl of Smooth Magazine’s current issue. Here’s a little trivia about the voluptuous vixen:

Stephanie Kyoko is 6 foot in a pair of heels and shoots a mean three-pointer on the court. Stephanie has three degrees: a master and two bachelors and she is only 24.

There’s a rare blend of beauty and brains. We’ve included more pics from her spread for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

More bootyliciousness on the flipside.


Shout out to Janero!

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  • Re is missing Nikki U, and disliking chunky flip flops.

    Dear God, is that all hers?

    (((Looking at my own body…)))

  • bree

    wow.. she has a really nice figure..who is she though?

  • Cage

    For the love of God…. Ya’ll tryin to get me in trouble over here who is this?? Guess i dont watch enough TV…

  • Bird

    Ok so what exactly do these ass shots have to do with her being educated? Is she having a hard time finding a real job?

    NEWSFLASH – ANYONE can get a degree. These pics are all you need as evidence of that.

  • Cage

    Hey Bree!! 😉

  • anonymous

    she has Degrees and Deazz

  • Lady Architect

    Her educational accomplishments are great and I’m always proud of African American people who choose to further their education. The real question here though is, Is she using those degrees to her benefit? Cause if so then why with her three degrees is she half naked on a men’s magazine. Why not put on her corporate suit and pose in that. To me I don’t care if you have five degrees, if you’re not using them then it’s just a piece of paper in my eyes.


    I shall not hate..however I can’t say how tired I am of seeing half naked women BRING ON THE MEN!!!

  • Aunt Viv

    Slide where are you?

    Are you happy now LOL…

  • Ms. Beauty

    @ Bird No anyone can not get a M.A. and two B.A.s by the age of 24 withtout determination, dedication, and a sound home base. More of us should strive to be like her – minus the photos but to each her own, lol.

    Her body is sick!


    And that just don’t make any sense how she would have degrees and choose to this..its a little backwards..thats if she’s doing this to pay off her loans cause’ I know

  • USC Alum

    She’s posing to pay off her students loans!

  • Aunt Viv

    No haterade/homo…she has a nice figure.

  • SWEET CHEEKS((Makes the people say Yeeeaaaa))

    OMG!!!!!!!!! She’s beautiful!!!!!!


    2 B.A’s at 24?? that’s just not adding up correctly that would mean she went to school for fall, spring and summer semesters for a total of 10 years if she did her B.A.’s seperately and for 6 years if she did both B.A.’S and her M.A. but still like I’m not buying it completely

  • Slick Like Baby Hair....

    Man – I usually hate on these broads, but I must admit, her body/airbrush game is tight!

  • Really?


    What the HELL is your workout routine?!!?

    Seriously, do you live on the stairmaster? lol

  • SWEET CHEEKS((Makes the people say Yeeeaaaa))

    No Homo here either, but DAMMMNNNNN, look at that Arch!!!!! GO HEAD MAMA!!!!


    wait I might be off..somebody help me

  • Angeleyes

    wow is all that real is the real question?? I can’t tell so i dunno, but she has a sick body, degrees and all…if u have it, flout it…

  • Storm

    Damn 3 degrees by the age of 24?? That’s very impressive! But why is she doing ass shots in a magazine like this? I’m not judging, I’m just wondering. I mean she can be doing so much more than showing her tits and ass. I hope she already has a job with those degrees cuz I bet no company will hire her when/if they see these pics.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (fka Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    Slide where are you? Are you happy now LOL…


    @Aunt Viv

    I’m right here Sis, and I’m staying right here ALL DAY LONG!!!


  • redsindc

    She nice……I likes…..and she has a masters and two bachelors……we can hook up!!!

  • Mary J. Blige Has Super Powers

    What kind of a name does Kyoko come from?

  • C me

    if she was a double major in undergrad in which the coursework was similar then she could have pulled off two degrees. and most masters programs are only 2 years full time.

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