R.I.P. Missing Actor’s Body Found Hanging From A Tree In Vancouver

- By Bossip Staff

Missing “Growing Pains” actor’s body found in the woods hanging from a tree:

Andrew Koenig reportedly hanged himself from a tree in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. A source close to the Koenig investigation revealed to E! News that the 41-year-old actor, best known for playing Boner in “Growning Pains,” was found Thursday hanging from a tree. Koenig, who went missing on Feb. 14, had been clinically depressed and sent his father a “despondent” letter on the 16th.

During a private search conducted by 11 family and friends, the actor’s body was found so deep in the forest that the source told E!, “Andrew didn’t want to be found.” “My son took his own life,” Koenig said, then urged others not to ignore signs of depression in others. A spokesperon for the police told E! that foul play had been ruled out. Koenig disappeared after reportedly turning down multiple jobs and clearing out his Venice Beach apartment. In honor of his memory, Koenig’s parents ask fans to donate to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline or the U.S. Campaign for Burma.



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  • It's Me

    Wow. Can’t let life get you so down that you resort to killing yourself. NOT COOL. RIP

  • maria1232

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  • http://nautysgirl@yahoo.com bklynlady

    I will never understand what could move someone to take their own life. My God guide his family thru this unimaginable time.

  • http://www.theperfectmemorial.com www.The Perfect Memorial.com

    Depression is no joke people!

    Seek help.

    RIP young brother.


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    See what we can do for you today…

  • Dog Zee

    i guess its time to bury the boner…

  • Somali Ninga

    2/28/10, 09:53:am
    Who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He- is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at- A g e m i n g le @ c.o..m a nice and free place for Younger- Women and Older Men, or Older Women and Younger Men, to- interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or- tell your friends.
    stop w/ using stupid aliases to promote a website no1 wants to go on!!

  • afrodite

    depression is no joke. he was getting all these offers, and from the outside it would seem like he could just get it back together. in reality, depression is wreaking havic in his mind.
    to me, it seems like depression just keeps the good things out and it’s so hard to change that filter system that focuses so mjuch on the bad. i dunno…i hate to hear stuff like this. life should be beautiful for us all, but i’m naive

  • Black Woman

    Ill tell you what drives people to kill themselves. SOCIETY. Society and all of its standards of beauty and success among many other things. All of the things that REALLY dont matter. LOVE SHALL SET YOU FREE.Next time you have something negative to say to someone think about how it might make them feel. You never know what is going on in someones life. Bless his soul and F society.

  • BleuSavoy

    Depression is no joke. those who have never experienced it will never understand those who have or suffer from it.

    being depressed and feeling “blue” are two different things … it’s not so easy to bring yourself out of depression & those around you, who are not depressed themselves, are the ones that you need to help you … but since they don’t understand the illness … most often you won’t get the help that you need …

    i speak from experience …

  • Glok... Amerikkkaz Blk Hitler ! !


  • Sarah

    Wow. So sad.

  • ohnooooo

    He displayed his life-ending act publically, therefore he must have craved attention while he was alive

  • real black is chocolate


  • kalifa.williams@yahoo.co.uk

    white people have always been fans of hangings…..


    The fact that people who take there own life go to h.e.l.l should be enough not to do it. After living h.e.l.l on earth you guarantee yourself to live hell after earth as well…….

  • Nikki of Atlanta

    I hope that all those out there who suffer from depression or knows someone who suffer seek help and find some happiness. Life is too great to just give up!

  • resurrected

    Depression these days are only dealt with in medical recommendations whatever happens to talking through your issues? I would never let a doctor talk me into taking medicine for depression for what so now that is the only answer to depression? How about airing those skeletons out of your closet… How about talking the chit out and breaking it down the root of the situation… The pharmaceutical companies are making a killing off of use while also killing us… Get you some good scriptures or some good material that speaks against your thoughts and feeling in everyway until that thought is eliminated with new positive thoughts and concepts… I also don’t really believe in being bipolar, I just think that some people come from very tormenting household and then hear comes real life and not all parents are preparing there children how to survive outside of there households… Depression can hit you hard but it never starts that way it develops into that anger is usually first and then depression…

  • Ya girl Court

    For some reason I figured this was gonna be the turn out. He was gone for too long without anyone hearing from him… I’m sorry he felt there was no other answer, I’m sorry he was in so much pain.

  • uhbeautifulmind

    so sad…

  • It's Easy to Say You Would Be Too Strong To Ever Consider Hurting Yourself.....

    But sometimes we just can’t cope

  • Gemini

    Wishing his parents an abundance of strength, during this hard time as they cope with their loss.

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