Some Sunday Swirl: Quinton Aaron Gushes Over Sandra Bullock “I Was In Love With Her For Years!!”

- By Bossip Staff

Damn this guy is doing way too much:

The Blind Side costar Quinton Aaron has an admission: He’s long had a crush on the Oscar-nominee. But after being cast opposite Bullock in the family and football drama and learning she was attached – as in married, to motorcycle builder Jesse James, since 2005 – he was happy to take their relationship in another direction.

“I’ve been a fan of hers for years – I was in love with her for years!” the 6’8,” 25-year-old actor – who plays real-life Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher as a young man. “So I found out she was married and I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll settle for friendship.’ ”

“She’s just awesome,” Aaron gushed. “She’s the most caring, loving individual that I know. She’s one of the most beautiful women inside and out that anybody can have the pleasure of knowing, meeting and working with, and I felt so honored to be in that position.



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  • Somali Ninga

    aww how cute!

  • super goon one

    @glok because he’s new…

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Not trying to start anything but what’s with several of these black celebs (especially females) having the habit of gushing over some of these white celebs during interviews or what not?

    Is that a tactic to gain fans or some sort of acceptance? Interesting indeed.

    Anyways,I wish him much more success on his career.

  • STFU

    So he’s not allowed to feel that way….because she’s white?!

  • maria1200

    Who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He- is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at- A g e m i n g le @ c.o..m a nice and free place for Younger- Women and Older Men, or Older Women and Younger Men, to- interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or- tell your friends.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Sandra Bullock has kept herself up after all these years. She’s 45 if I remember correctly, but she still keeps her figure on point. Good for her.

  • ***JUDY***

    Yall be reachin with these swirl stories…lol!

  • http://bossip Keep it Real

    She has a cute face.

  • Marquis de Sade

    Can’t say I blame him. I remember in “A TIME TO KILL” thinkin’ to myself, “DANG! OL’ SANDRA IS ROCKIN’ DA’ HELL OUTTA’ DA’ BARE-LEGGED LOOK WHILE WEARIN’ THOSE SHORT DRESSES”.

  • MissMelly

    So is he not allowed to think she’s a great person because she’s white?

  • Soul Touch

    So what, I’ve loved Sandra for years too. Give me a damn break.

  • always knew


    good for him/her/whoever..


  • Candy Barr

    Yeah, big deal. A lot of us have felt like that for years. I think she seems to be a really nice person.

  • athenbela

    good question..who really runs this site???

  • http://perryone779@yahoo,com a rose by any other name # 9304026339482056536 ™

    Well Hello to my good cyber friends.. Glok, super goon one and The heavy weight champion of the world.. let me dammit introduce you to the one and only MR. UPERR CUTTS.. take a bow sweetie!!

  • TheBoss1

    This Site is Run By Angry Single Black Women

  • Chica

    Never thought she was attractive. But, that’s just me.

  • $$ talks

    She seems like a really nice person.

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