Calling it Quits

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Posted by Bossip Staff

There’s been a new development in the Dipset hierarchy saga, and it looks like it’s the end of an era.

Click HERE to get the full story and find out how Cam’ron is benefiting off of Juelz’ loss.

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  • reader


  • thatbrutha

    # 2 ho who are these punks




    he can talk a good one..which brings me to my next question..where in the world is cameron??

  • Aunt Viv


  • Sweetie

    Damn I guess no one cares! BWAHHHAAA!

  • Earth Sign {Its time for a Revolution)

    What the heck happened?

  • Meeko From Detroit

    Cam is still a stank ass faggot.

  • Cannon

    @Cyndi & Earth

    I saw this on SOHH yesterday. Camron sold Juelz’s contract to Def Jam for $2 million. Juelz is now gonna come out with his own mixtape pretty soon.

  • dtowngirl

    That’s good, Juelz’s is an excellent rapper. People need to remember, no one cares if you have to feed your family but you. Make your money and keep it moving.

  • I'm Just Me (Bucky Baby's, Josh Allen's, Hoovy Baby's #1 Stan oh....and Kanye can so GET IT!!!)

    Um…did Cam need that 2 Million for that AIDS Cocktail I heard he was taking. Healthcare is expensive as a MoFo. WHERE IS SMOKEY @?

  • Not going to do it

    STOP trying to drive traffic to Livesteez, it is boring and the stories there are not real stories. keep your gossip on your gossip blog, instead of trying to fake ‘news’.

  • I'm Just Me (Bucky Baby's, Josh Allen's, Hoovy Baby's #1 Stan oh....and Kanye can so GET IT!!!)

    LIVESTEEZ SAID: is reporting a new development in the Dipset hierarchy saga.

    In a recent online video, the rapper exclaimed “I’m back” before revealing several new projects in the works — including a new mixtape from his new crew, the Skull Gang; a solo mixtape titled The Reagan Era; and his a forthcoming Def Jam project titled Born To Lose, Built To Win, the report says .

    Apparently, Hot 97’s Miss Info recently spotted an M.I.A. Cam’ron at a show in New Jersey,where she discovered the shocking news that the young Dipset member has been sold.

    “Oh, by the way, I gotta talk to you about something else too. I sold Juelz’ contract to Def Jam for $2 million dollars,” Cam told Miss Info.

    The news has been confirmed by a statement from Juelz saying that he’s “finally free.”

    “Yeah, I’m free, and ready to do me,” Juelz said. “But it’s still Dipset for life. It’s just going to be a new chapter.”

    The rapper says there’s no hard personal hard feelings, but admitted that the he was at times disappointed with the business side of things.

    “I have no hard feeling for Cam, after all, he did give me a chance,” he said. “But I will say this, I was loyal to him and he took advantage.”

    “I would like to say sorry to all my fans, and the DJs, and most of all, my city, New York. Play time is over. I’m back. Y’all n****s know what time it is,” Juelz exclaimed.


    I saw y’all deleted it the first time. I will just post it again…thank you!

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Enough with the “Click Here” links. Post the damn story

  • Encyclopedia Brown


  • illuminatitheprince


  • Earth Sign {Its time for a Revolution)

    @Mandah? diggin on u, digging on me


    you aint know? The record business Is slavery.

  • illuminatitheprince

    @ mandah

    but at least it’s black owned. It’s business tho 2. If you ask me the whole thing is stupid, Like now that Def Jam bought out an old contract from Camron, suddenly Juelz is in a different position? regardless he’s still dipset it doesn’t matter what people say, Russ just fattened up Cam’s pockets even more, now He should buy a pink ferrari

  • James

    so now that juelz is free, I’m guessing he will sell albums (roll eyes). this little boy is trash, has been trash, and will continue to be trash. He never went platinum when the economy was good and he sure wont go now that it’s bad. What a loser! is he even relevant?

  • Mandah? diggin on u, digging on me

    yeah i know and lol @ ill prince( new nickname???) that easter bunny coon mutha f^cka

  • erica

    cam is a clown

  • I'm Just Me (Bucky Baby's, Josh Allen's, Hoovy Baby's #1 Stan oh....and Kanye can so GET IT!!!)

    @ Illuminati is that you in the gravie?

  • Soldier Of Truth!

    I’m not a Dip Set fan, but even I have to say Camron is/was & always will be a Garbage as rapper! Juelz & Rell are the only 2 cats out of that camp with ANY real talent. Camflake was holding Juelz back the same way he stunting Rells growth because he knows if he puts them out there like they are suppose to be they would COMPLETELY out Shine is Pink wearing MetroSexual azz!lol That dudes is a joke, I’m glad J.S is free of that HomoThug!lol ONE

  • Southern L.A. GAL

    Yeah, this music business is murder and it’s slavery. Part of the mans plan… Not God’s…..

    It turns people into what the devil want them to be.

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