Pure Comedy Or Out of Pocket???: Saturday Night Live Makes Fun Of The “We Are The World” Remake

- By Bossip Staff

Recently dropped on her a$$ by her label, Jennifer Lopez hosted SNL over the weekend. Apparently, Saturday Night Live thought it would be funny to spoof the newest version of “We Are The World” and have J-Lo imitate Rihanna. Some people didn’t find this to be funny…

Pop the Top and Tell Us What You Think: Pure Comedy or Out of Pocket???

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  • lou

    JLo’s performance on SNL was awful. I guess her comeback is not happening after all.

  • ariel

    i thought it was hilarious … and the second remake was a flippen DISASTER . smh .

  • http://www.blackwiz.biz ray

    Too funny!!!

  • melinda11

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  • drenk

    wouldnt call it hilarious but it was funny

  • http://wordpress delish

    it was funny!! j lo had an awesome career before, both in film and music and i don’t see anything wrong with her making fun of rihanna. she paid her dues..

  • http://wordpress delish

    j-lo i mean…lol

  • Deirdre B Pride

    I have no idea what Jenny called herself doing….It was a definite fail.

  • LOL

    Pure Comedy!!!!!!!
    And pure truth!!!!
    At least with JLo she was on key.LOL

  • Aunt Esther

    EPIC FAIL!!!!

  • jt

    wtf are yall talking about. get a life ignorant people.

  • Shay

    It’s kinda funny but a little hypocritical. It would have been hillarious if JLo went to the We Are the World 2 and sang and then actually spoofed herself and made fun of her own career. She would have been a bad singing has-been and which would have fit right in.

  • LEA

    it wasn’t funny to me either.. and I don’t even like Rihanna lol

  • Jenny

    I was funny, the remake of We Are The World was horrible. They should have just wrote a different song.


    That was funny. People take stuff too serious. Don’t act like J-Lo didin’t have RhiRhi down to a tee.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Look, we all know neither of them hoes can sing…people need to chill out and face facts!

  • CanadianChick

    The remake was disgusting..they needed to let the world know

  • look


  • ivette

    lol Jlo can’t sing either so what the hell is she making fun of Rihanna smh

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  • Zulu Chili

    It was funny.
    The remake was indeed shitty.

  • Daywalker(THE DAYDREAM!!!)

    3/1/10, 09:12:am
    That was funny. People take stuff too serious. Don’t act like J-Lo didin’t have RhiRhi down to a tee.

    Morning, JB!! Wazzup, Gurrl!! 🙂
    Good morning, Caramel Cat!! 🙂

  • http://chantillenicole.com Chantille Nicole

    Very funny skit, but she shoulda wore lingerie from Chantillenicole.com

  • morin443

    LMAO @ the impression of Shakira..the girl can dance her azz off, but her singing has always annoyed me…she uses two different voices in all her songs. The Gwen Stefani impression was on point, but I didn’t get J-Lo’s part..wouldn’t have known it was Rihanna if she didn’t do the “eh” at the end of her verse.

  • Just Bored

    That’s what made it funny, J Lo trying to clown on someone else for not being able to sing…I think the joke was on J Lo

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