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Profile of ESPN Personality Skip Bayless

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

This guy has said a lot of B.S. during his time as a sports media talking head but last night he might have crossed the line that he can never come back.

Damar Hamlin‘s harrowing medical emergency during last night’s Monday Night Football game has brought the sports world and beyond to its collective knees. Despite speculation immediately following the situation, we now know that the 24-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest while on the field of play. Per usual, bad Twitter takes were flying left and right and one of the most usual suspects put his foot way down his throat in the worse way possible (and that’s saying a lot for him).

While Hamlin was laying on the ground fighting for his life, while his teammates, coaches, and family watched one of the most tramuatizing things that they’ve ever had to witness, Skip Bayless concern was the magnitude of the game that was likely (at the time) not to be played. Sufficed to say that people, who have likely long-hated Bayless for his nonsensical bias toward and against certain players, pulled no punches when throttling the Undisputed host for his insensitivity and irreverence.

People wondered aloud what Skip’s co-host Shannon Sharpe would have to say about not only Damar Hamlin but also about the backlash Bayless was getting online. Well, this morning Sharpe didn’t appear on the show and left Skip to fend for himself. For anyone who thought that Bayless was going to offer a sincere and heartfelt apology, you clearly don’t know who you’re dealing with…

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