A.I. Flakes On The NBA And His Ill Seed For Some Quality Time With Belvie, Henny And Remy

- By Bossip Staff

While on leave from the Philadelphia 76ers to care for his sick 4-year-old daughter Messiah, Allen Iverson spent the weekend away in Charlotte, N.C. supposedly for the creation of the CIAA Allen Iverson Scholarship Endowment. Check the flipside for the reason some people took issue with this lil trip.

A.I. was in the club?!?!? Well that’s nothing new. But more than a few people felt it was inappropriate that Iverson was not only in the club partying it up while on leave to care for his daughter — but also actually had the gall to appear on a flyer promoting a CIAA party.

Whoops, there it is! Maybe it was a benefit party to raise funds for his daughter’s health care??? SMH. Just when he was about to get the Father of the Year Award…


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  • marieII

    ud drink to all that hes gotta deal with regards to his baby him and his wife under extreme stress leave them be.

  • tinakay123

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    he’ll never get a chanpionship ring!

  • Quiana


  • ChopzMaQaJ

    Sheeeeeeeeeet! We don’t know that man’s situation like that. Dnt nobody know how his daughter doin right now at this very moment, she could be doin much betta for all we know. Let him do him, errrybody quick to judge, 4 REAL!

  • anewme

    I swear people are so quick to judge. I am pretty sure his daughter is well taken care of. They act like he left her home by herself or something.

  • SickofBossip

    Whats Wrong With going out for one night after what his daughter is going through? People go otu all the time when they are stressed. Not to mention im sure he got a nice piece of change for showing up… yall are so stupid

  • who gives a fu*ck


    how is that gonna change anything

    hell imma bout ta drink right bout now


    let me call allen up

    see what he about to do

  • Please stop

    That event was planned 8 months ago…It was a contract event. He was paid to be there. Just because he isn’t in the NBA right now doesn’t mean he can’t make money. Plus, Iverson doesn’t show up to events UNLESS he is being paid to be there.

  • Micaroni715

    Iverson along with Steve Francis and Stephon Marbury are what is wrong with the NBA. Unprofessional losers. Lacking in fundamentals and using poor judgment.

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    i want that fitted.

  • Diva_Doll

    People are IDIOTS!

    Anyone who knows anything about fundraising knows that the best way to bring people out to an event you’re throwing, to RAISE money, is to make an appearance.

    The flyer clearly states it was an event for Iverson’s CIAA scholarship fund, so of course people would expect him to be there. If not, half of the people who were there would NOT have shown up.

    When you start a non-profit organization, such as a scholarship fund, you have to rely on funds raised from the public. Therefore, you HAVE to have these kind of events and attend them.

    People need to be more concerned about what they’re doing to try to help others and stop criticizing every d*mn thing others are trying to do to help.

  • Diva_Doll

    Micaroni715 – you, my friend, are a moron.

  • Lima

    It isn’t as if he left his sick daughter outside in the parking lot in the car. I am sure she was safe at home and well cared for while he was out. Caring for a sick person does not confine one to the house for the duration. She may be ill long-term. Is he supposed to not appear in public indefinitely?

  • http://chokolatemilk.blogspot.com/ Choco

    I think I’m probably feeling just like A I Like what’s the big deal and why are people making such a big deal out of it.

  • MonstaDon

    Um…I dunno if it’s been said…but…how do you know he was actually at the party? People use famous people’s pics to promote parties all the time, and they don’t attend…just cuz his picture and name are on a flyer, doesn’t mean he was actually there…even the flyer says hosted by JD…says nothing about AI hosting or attending.


    I’m not saying he was or wasn’t, but c’mon…really?

    People so quick to judge…


  • http://Bossip Anonymous

    Well maybe the fliers were printed up in advance. I mean who rents a venue and has fliers printed up and given out on the same day??

    Its kind of hard to believe that he would jeopardize his career, or what’s left of it, for some BULL.

  • white male

    This was a pseudo retirement party.

  • Raceyou

    Damn if he was at the club im pretty sure it was a late night thing and if is daughter is sick im pretty sure she aint up wait for him or anythin

  • salakatae

    That was business. Can’t compare an hour or two at a party to hours and travel for a game. Plus if he backed out of the party he could possibly be sued by the promoter!


    You best believe he got paid for his image being on that flier and for his club appearance. I guess that would be considered work, too.

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