Dude-Where’s My Hairstylist: Celebs On The Scene Without Weave

- By Bossip Staff

We decided to dig into the crates and find some unseen pics of celebs without their good hair on.  Check out the pics below of celebrities without their weaves.  If we forgot someone and you have a pic please send over and we’ll be sure to put em on blast. Enjoy

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  • juliemango

    KK, kimora & Bey. look especially good!!!

  • Jer-z Girl

    Bey still looks great without the weave.

  • Soul Touch

    Love the pic of Brandy & Beyonce.

    Love Solange’s hair, but can’t stan that pic…more so do to her outfit. lol

  • shawn barnes

    Beyonce need to leave that weave alone, she look much better without it!

  • real black is chocolate

    Britney the best!!!

  • top ramen shotta

    perfect message for the children! you’re ugly without a weave kids! nobody likes ugly!

  • http://theghettofashionista.blogspot.com/ TheGhettoFashionista

    I actually think Brande looks HAUTE sans weave-& Beyonce looks exactly the same- GORGEOUS

  • top ramen shotta

    censorship fail.

  • LadyShea

    Never bother with weave or relaxers myself (nothing against it), and I’ve got to say that some of these chicks look great without it, too!

  • LadyShea

    W/o weave, I mean.

  • Ugh!


    Without weave is MUCH better than with weave.

  • pynk♥

    Brandy looks great w/ short hair. it’s my favorite pic on there.

  • burito9245

    I didn’t even recognize Beyacki. She looks great without the weave. Love Brandi’s short do. The other’s I’m not feeling too much. Some people need the weave.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Brandi’s hair is haute! Beyonce’s hair is nice, she needs to take a break and let her hair rejuvenate, if nothing else.

  • killing them softly

    beyonce’s hair used to be thick and long before the weave. this pic is old. i hear she’s natural under her wig so that her hair can grow back.

  • killing them softly

    now i believe beyonce had breast implants

  • ericka the sh$# disturber

    they all still look good but i can see how they get more attention with the hair. who is the one sitting in the chair getting hair braided in??? looks like kobe’s wife vanessa??

  • ***JUDY***

    Beyonce still looks nice.

  • http://bossip.com too cute

    love Oprah’s natural,our hair grows better without chemicals,Bey looks better,but her hair appears thin,Brandy needs to stick with that cut,I think you hair needs to breathe,stop wearing all that pound of hair and go natural

  • http://ayyyyy duhh

    beyonce look gud why kim k on it her hair real smh
    just trying 2 let her b some where lol

  • Ronda

    I think we Women look great with or without a weave/wig. Whatever look we wanta rock at the moment go for it. If you want to go natural do that. It’s just a different type of beauty but beautiful none the less. Go Ladies!!

  • Luscious

    I like it – its cute on her…she should sport her own hair more often.

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    OMG Bey w/o a weave/lacefront? I never thought I see the day? wow!
    She actually looks cute & I thought it was Holly Robinson Pete @ 1st.

    Is all that Oprah’s hair? nice..love it!

    Kim looks good,even though I already seen here many time.

    Didn’t know Kimora’s hair was that short & Brandy looks like she still has some tracks in the front but it’s all good.

  • Cookie B.

    Yes, Beyonce looks nice without all that mess tangled in her hair. Brandy, especially looks delightful without her hair weave as well because sometimes, Brandy can look a little draggish and so can Beyonce. Kim as for her, I really did not notice anything except she had fat corn rows. Actually, I think Beyonce has a healthy grade of hair and she should were just her own hair while she goes on her so called break. Brandy rock that short hair, dear heart!

  • Sugar

    That looks like an old pic. She looks very cute w/o all that crap.

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