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Weezy’s baby mamas were both on the party scene for Jay-Z and Jeezy’s after party at Compound in ATL over the weekend. It’s good to see Lauren and Nivea putting on a show for the camera but we can’t help but ask… between the fake grin on Lauren’s face and Nivea trying way too hard to be close to her, what are they really thinking???

Caption this under the hood and let us know.

The two also hung together before hitting up the club…  We can’t figure out if these two really want to try and get along or are trying to get some publicity. SMH

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  • http://BOSSIP Texas M***f**a that's where I stay

    What’s up with Nivea’s face and eyebrows?

  • Memi

    Nivea’s face is disgusto.

  • juliemango

    Should be under which babymamma would you hit!!!

  • Remotecontrol2

    Cute.. at least they not like diddy’s baby mamas… lmao

  • This some Shhh.....

    Damn Nivea, you about Raven’s size.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Lauren is looking like she’s thinking, “I’m gonna take a lot of heat over the ghetto scenario portrayed in this pic.” Nivea is thinking, “Yay, I can pull the same dudes Lauren can pull. She my sista girl.” Wayne done put a creole hex on they azz. Got them out there actin a fool.

  • www.The Perfect

    2 damn fools!

    Perfect examples of the typical female today.

    Get with a dude, have unprotected sex, disregard his hordes of other women and hey…have a baby for him!

    After all .., he’s rich!!


  • Will Davis

    Who is the cross-eyed guy in the background???? LOL

  • Choco

    Is it me or does Lauren look like she down for anything…

  • pynk♥

    Man, it disgusting how females have no respect for themselves. & apparently, no shame. SMH….

  • shockadelica 81

    Look at lauren’s face!!!!

  • MzCarlie

    Do they have on the smae ring….I am just saying!

  • Alrighty Then... (can never go to another male revue in LIFE!)

    Nivea looks like she REALLY wants to be friends w/ Lauren for real. (and her forehead looks mishapen, but that’s neither here nor there)

    You can tell Lauren doesn’t really f*ck w/ her. It’s like she feels some kinda way but wouldn’t dare say, so she breaks out the fake “we kewl” smile.

    Ask yourself, what woman is happy to know that they were both raw-doggin’ the same dude at the same time and became pregnant in the same time frame?? Not a single one that I know…

    But it’s good that they can act civil. That’s all that matters.

  • tg

    Maybe we people got it wrong with them. Maybe, they are like “Big Love”. One big happy family behind closed doors. If they can handle that – more power to them. All they need are houses right next to each other in Atlanta, of course, next to Weezy’s FIRST baby’s mother.

  • glok9isvery 'how you doin?'

    Nivea needs to stay out of the spotlight until she gets her weight under control. That is not a good look. Her weave looks busted and she looks sweaty and gross. I’m saying this and i’m a fan of Nivea’s, Whoa! Lauren looks just as beautiful as ever. I think they’re trying to make the best of a bad situation.

  • tg

    I wonder if they get to flirt with other men while at Weezy’s party OR is it all about him for all of them.

  • Alrighty Then... (can never go to another male revue in LIFE!)

    Lauren is “ghetto” too. Don’t let the dimples fool ya… just because she doesn’t wear pink or red weave, she obviously has “ghetto” tendencies… look at her baby daddy.

  • It's Me

    Wayne got it going on. Nivea looks ugly now that she has droped one. Use to be nice looking

  • monique

    IM A DUMBA$$

  • Shut up, please!

    They both got stinky poo poo….

  • CutieReppinNY


  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Nivea girl, stay home and get on the treadmill. I will NOT be taking photos and definitely not wearing leather or leggings until my baby weight is 100% GONE! And then…I will put my after baby pic up as my gravie. But not a moment before, girl, you can’t let them other baby mamas show you up like that!

  • LadyShea

    LMAO @ Will Davis!!!!

  • killing them softly

    i think wayne had an open relationship with them both. they were dumb to let him hit it raw. i wouldn’t let a dude hit it raw unless we’re married.

  • rico 9

    they are both freaks.. freaks stick together when they arent hating on each other…

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