*Updated* Jackson Family Stunner! Jermaine’s Kids Tried Torturing Blanket With The Stun Gun!!!

- By Bossip Staff

If you thought the Jackson family scandals ended with Michael’s death, think again. There’s a whole new generation of Jackson kids just waiting to wreak havoc and this time Jermaine’s 13-year-old son Jaafar is the out of pocket kid in question. The Department of Children and Family Services was called out to the home of Katherine Jackson, where Michael’s three kids (Paris, Prince and Blanket) and several of their cousins live, after Jaafar reportedly ordered a stun gun to be delivered to the house. Pop the hood for details.

*Update* Multiple sources are telling TMZ the stun gun that Jermaine Jackson’s 13-year-old son purchased was actually used by the children in the house … and Michael Jackson’s son, Blanket was an intended target. Randy Jackson told TMZ the gun was confiscated by security when it was delivered three weeks ago and locked up by Katherine Jackson. But we’ve learned and confirmed children at the Jackson home were playing with the gun last week.

Our sources say the kids were using the gun on the second floor of the house. Security guards on the property were perplexed because they couldn’t figure out where the noise was coming from … nor could they identify the sound.

Late last week, we’re told one of the security guards went upstairs and “stopped Jermaine’s kids from stunning Blanket.” The guard confiscated the gun.

The L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services went to the Jackson family home in Encino last night, at around 10:30. The two social workers interviewed Katherine and several of the kids and confiscated Jaafar’s stun gun.

But our sources say the kids have a second stun gun that DCFS did not recover and it is somewhere on the property.

DCFS is going back to the house today for further investigation. Our sources say DCFS considers this “a very serious situation.”

Somebody please call Joe Jackson — Jermaine’s son Jaafar needs his a*s whooped immediately!!! If Joe had it his way those kids would be too busy practicing to be pop stars to get into trouble.


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  • Alrighty Then... (can never go to another male revue in LIFE!)

    well who in the world was he going to stun, at the family compound no less??? Grampa Joe? lol…

  • who gives a fu*ck

    nope his dad

    he just wants to make some of that

    clay fall off

  • drenk

    so what hopefully he’ll get one and stun joe’s crazy a.s.s.

  • imanithemisfit

    Whoa. This is some heavy misfit shit!

    Imani The Misfit – Bisexual Rapper / Adult Entertainment Model from Maryland – Now on iTunes!

  • WhatAWorld

    He need to stun his daddy for that terrible hair that he rocks.Publicity stunt,UGH this family!

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Wow & @WhatAWorld:lmao..if anything pimp daddy/gramps Joe needs to be stunned lol

  • Remotecontrol2

    Stun Joe and lego man head a$$ jermaine

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    @Remotecontrol2: some of you guys are too funny lmao

  • Nique (Bossip...Bullsh!!t without Shame)

    These ppl must have some Hispanic in them-how many of them live there-20??

    Jermaine needs to get sh!!t 2gether and find a home for himself and those kids.

  • Blaxitive

    How else is Jermaine going to rearrange that hairstyle without a lil’ electricity?!!!

  • ***JUDY***

    Yeah…..kids do stupid shyt like that,no surprise here.

  • kellz_88

    damn there maddd deep. anyways who cares thats what kids do they only thing thats different about them is there rich

  • http://zj.myway.com/?st= AM Hood

    terrible statements from all of you. Joe made mike and the 5 who they were. With out Joe’s talent and insight there would have been no Jackson 5. Whether he abused the kids, I doubt it. He may have been very strict with them, and some people use physical discipline with their kids(don’t make it right), that was they way it was back in the day. I suspect Mike and Janet exaggerated the abuse just for publicity and for excuses for mikes bizarre behaviors, at the time. None of the others have blamed Joe for BEATING them down the way Mike and Janet described. It is a shame they described their father in that manner. Only they know the truth and it will eventually come to light.

  • Miss u much MJJ

    How does TMZ know there is a second stun gun but Department of children’s services doesn’t know????

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love- A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    Now I know that all of the Jacksons are nuts. Why would they call DCFS on themselves? Don’t they know that once those fools get their chops in on the Jackson family that they will continue to aggitate them and and provoke them into all sorts of mess. (Hint to the Jacksons) You should have learned by now what media and Govt. are capapble of. Keep personal family matters withen the family. Most boys his age are fascinated with guns and fast cars, this is nothing new. Then call up Joe and tell him to do what he do.

  • It's Me

    o Jo gonna whip sum azz. better get ready….

  • hey now

    Sounds like Katherine Jackson doesn’t have any control in that household. She is just the opposite of Joe. He was too harsh with the kids and she is too soft. Both extremes damage children. Sounds like the grandkids are victims too.

  • Tam Tam

    POOR BLANKET!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What the hell is a Jay-Z?


  • WhatAWorld

    Why is Jafaar f.uckin’ with blanket?

    I swear its a Jackson part two on the way.Katherine has zero backbone,and that shyt is terrible.But Prince looks a little violent.

    Do they all live there?hell naw

  • Keisha

    MJ would have a fit if he knew what has happening to his kids. Joe needs to whoop Jaafar’s butt. It’s clear that Jermaine is not doing any thing.

  • http://thathiphopblog.com/ ThatHipHopBlog

    dam shame



  • Alrighty Then... (can never go to another male revue in LIFE!)

    welp, answers my question…

  • kellz_88

    @ AM Hood

    yeah and thats why joe’s name was not in micheal jackson will. he beat & terrorize them and they started to resent him .with people killing,molesting their own children thier own flesh and blood now a days are you sure you wanna make a statement like that

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