Michael Vick Is Back In Atlanta And Bobby V Looks More “SUSPECT” Than Ever!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Michael Vick is back to doing what he does best… MONEY, PARTIES minus the HOES!!! He had a welcome home party at the Velvet Room in Atlanta on Sunday night and from our understanding all the chickens came-a-cluckin’. The chickens were very disappointed since Vick brought wifey with him.

Pop the Top for Bobby V Looking More Suspect Than… Well, You Know!!!

Bobby V, is there something that you would like to share with everybody???

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  • tha Rocks best


  • 2Sweet

    And how could I forget my boy Mike Epps! The nickle bag king! Love him…Bobby V. makes my skin crawl.

  • cicki4565

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  • Veronica

    I agree 2Sweet def!!!

  • Kimmie - Southern Belle

    He and his fiance look like the perfect couple. Glad hes back!

  • COCO

    they made a cute couple

  • redbonekillbill

    Damn, not a chicken but I woulda been disappointed too lol, naw joking even though he’s super fine he is off limits. His wife held him down tough so he better be on the up&up.

    Bobby V is a pretty boy, what do you expect?!

  • redbonekillbill

    Oh and love Mike Epps, he should be playing Richard Pryor!!!

  • Tam Tam


  • lili

    @2SWEET…. he did deserve prison. He had one of the best contractrs in the NFL he should’ve been smarter and made better decisions. Greed gets you know where! Also animals were hurt. Even though it’s not a human it’s still just wrong! And before anyone start talking mess let me inform you I don’t eat any form of meat nor do I wear any animal skin on my body.

  • Young Obama

    Vick’s wife is hott! Damn her choose very wisely.

  • kellz_88

    bobby valentino is looking like a Queen in that picture. hey get it how you live i wont judge nothing is too crazy now a days

  • Aphatty

    Good old “Ron Mexico” – YUCK!

  • Kool Breeze

    Oh yeah..vick givin mo love to valentino than his own wife and as the previous commenter implied, vick is payin more attention to everyone else than his wife…smh

  • ilovemethebest

    I’m glad Vick is back! True he shouldn’t have been fighting dogs but he is HUMAN. People do dumb shit, rich or poor. Get over it. Nobody’s locking the “others” up for fighting cocks. Last time i checked a chicken was an animal too! Party, Party, Party Mike. You deserve it.

  • Quisey

    bobby looks like mike vick’s b1tch from jail…

  • http://www.thenoireffect.com GotYou

    Build up black people.

    Going to read something empowering of our people.

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  • http://myspace.com/outlawzmyspacecom So.HaRD.BeiNG.MeeH~BUt.i.dOeS.!t.GR@CEfuLLy

    DAMNNN!!! vick look like he wanna eat her up in mikeandwifey3(literally speaking)… LOVES IT

  • michael wife is so cute

    they are a beautiful couple

  • thatbrutha

    His wife is only there for the cash!! No depth to her!

  • http://www.myspace.com/Chocolate_box777 Chocolate_Box

    Love black love and he is into his wifey. Stop creating something is obviously there or he wouldn’t have been there with her…

  • loveme lovemenot

    And while I will say bluntly say that Im not an animal killer!! But what about all of these dogs killing and mauling people? You kill chicken to eat !! And you love your dogg enough to give it your life stupid I think not!! While I don’t agree with what Mr. Vicks did!! I’m more than sure that he put down alot of pit bulls yep I said it.. No Joke !!!

  • Enufff Said

    Look at Mike smiling at someone and that “GRIN” ain’t at no dude, that grin is saying we’ll hook up later

  • smith.salome

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  • mz.cee ♥

    Nice to see Mike and hes Wifey Kijafa together!

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