Floyd Mayweather Jr. And Sugar Shane Mosley Square Off At Press Conference

- By Bossip Staff

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. (33) and “Sugar” Shane Mosley (38), two of the top 5 pugilists on most knowledgeable boxing observers’ “Pound-For-Pound” lists, are scheduled to face off in the squared circle May 1st 2010 at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena.

The initial press conference announcing one of the most anticipated combats in recent recollection was highlighted by a confrontational grappling session in the center of the stage at the Nokia Theater in the heart of Times Square, this past Tuesday afternoon.

“We came face-to-face, then our noses touched – and I love nothing but ladies, so a man touching me I’m like…. – then he grabbed my hand, and I’m like… ‘Yo, don’t touch me!’ We can talk what we’re gonna talk, we already touched face-to-face, just don’t put your hands on me, period!” Mayweather explained afterwards.

Although there have been previous attempts to match up the two men over the past decade, many Floyd Jr. detractors are glad to finally see him face what they consider to be his most formidable foe since he faced Jose Luis Castillo in 2002.

Even with that being said, there are a few insiders familiar with the Sweet Science who contend that this contest should’ve occurred at least 5-7 years ago. While some accused Mayweather of avoiding Mosley, it was actually Sugar Shane who decided to move up in weight to face Oscar de la Hoya for more mulah instead of facing Floyd. That being the case, it is still the best match-up that can be made in boxings’ foreseeable future.

Fifteen minutes after the start of the program it was announced that 14,000 out of the 17,000 tickets available had already been sold.

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  • Hannibal


  • ohnooooo

    This was staged to hype the fight. yawn

  • Jaool

    Its going to be a great fight.

  • http://nautysgirl@yahoo.com bklynlady

    Very staged like all the ones in the past. This fight is going to be the second coming of Mohammad Ali and Joe Fraisier or a Mike Tyson and Holyfied.

  • grant

    all the staging in the world can’t help the fact that he should be fightin’ Pacquio…wack a$$ fight…

  • always knew

    my money is on Mayweather…

    And it’s not his fault, that Pacquio uses steriods…and didn’t want to fight…

  • whiteberry

    $100,000 on Mosely

  • Robert

    I like them both.Even though loud mouthed Mayweather still has me heated.He was scared of Pacquio,and thats all to it.All that talking loud,then accusing somebody of steroids without proof.He had a chance to finally box against a real fighter,until he Nicky Barnes his way out of the fight.My money loudmouth up until then,now I,m rooting for Moseley.Rep the WESTCOAST for us Moseley-Pomona,ca got your back.

  • David


  • Chase the Jock

    Looks like both dudes are laughing! LOL….

  • enufffsaid


  • David

    Enuffsaid: That sounds HOMO

  • Just Joy


    The ONLY reason Floyd is fighting is because he NOW thinks he can win. Why, he can’t continue to dodge good fights forever and after all Mosely is a bit older, closer to 40. I hope Mosely knocks him silly, but Floyd does have an advantage…….let me spell it for you R=U=N=N=I=N=G.

  • ellehot548

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  • balaramesh


    you have no clue in the world. there is NO WAY that mayweather could not mosely out. how many mayweather knockouts have you seen? you have a better chance winning the lottery, right now. btw, mosely been in the ring with the biggest and strongest guys out there his career. if anything, mayweather maybe much quicker than mosely now. but him knocking mosely out?!? DOUBT THAT

  • gman

    Mosley!!! No more hand picking your fights Mayweather, no more fighting journeyman Mayweather! No more fighting BUMS Mayweather! No more fighting lesser skilled and smaller opponents Mayweather! Get ready to get in the middle of the ring and fight Mayweather!

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  • white male

    I wanted floyd to fight pac, i will not buy this fight no way

  • alex de guzman

    It will be a boring one i will not buy this fight to.

  • Dj Kevroe

    Yawn Boxing Bores me….Lets See Money Mayweather take on GSP or BJ Pen…

  • You Smell Me??


    I’d prefer to see Pacquiao Mayweather.

    and if Mosley does win, then I would prefer to see Mosley v. Pacquiao

  • mayshawn valentine

    floyd mayweather is the top of the line when it comes to boxing. not standing toe two toe, and taking the risc of getting knocked out.thats called ignorant, or mabe mma,or gage fighting.the pure truth, hit and dont get hit this is boxing if it is a slug feast you seak start one at the bar or in a club and do me a favor dont move when the punches come.stand there and take them there is youre fight. but if you want two see boxing on its largest stage whith its greatest prodigy. speed, smarts, and extreame .swag’ conkue box does not lie wheather you like it or not he is the best.when will we ever learn to give credit when they can still hear it. go head floyd do youre thing from m valentine a k a atl


    What a joke, fighting another washed up fighter. The entire world thinks you are a coward and are champion of ducking good fighters. Your undefeated record is a fraud, just like you. Anyone that is a fan of this clown needs to take a reality check. Who has he fought NO ONE.. All old has beens and when a chance to fight a real fighter comes and what does chicken feather do, asks for some outragous drug testing BS to avoid the fight altogether, then blame the other camp. To even bring up PED’s looks like an excuse seeking gimmic. When Gayweather gets knocked the fug out by PACQY dude, TEAM FRAUD already has thier excuse filed and ready. Real Boxing Fans see right through this bull chit….

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