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Posted by Bossip Staff

Lil Kim & LisaRaye were getting drunk as f**k at Lil Kim’s birthday bash. The shin-dig went down at Spotlight Live, making it Kim’s 2nd b-day celebration in less than a month. This heffah craves too much attention.

View more pics of the party and what looks like Lil Kim and Lisa Raye about to spring into a little girl on girl plus Vanessa Simmons birthday soiree at Corio right about now.

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  • Ermy Erm (Bernie get well soon! Chitown keep ya prayers on LOCK for Morgan Freeman Too!)

    Lisa look hella different….and she been partyin alot lately

  • swoosh


  • Myeko

    lil kim looks like shes suckin dick lol

  • Re wants to ban chunky flipflops from life as we know it...

    Kim…I’m scared 😦

  • Aunt Viv

    Let them drink-between Lil’ Kim’s frosty-face and non-existent career, and LisaRaye’s azz-chasing hubby, it’s tough times for them both. Salud!

  • swoosh

    wonder what they were drinking in the tubes


    2nd that emotion @ re

  • WyzePro

    Aunt V…hey….Re…..good afternoon….Erm….hey there….

  • T-Jones

    The media is so funny…talking about LRaye and Lil Kim about to engage in a little one on one..maybe she had just arrived at the party and was giving lil kim a hug …MEDIA BLOWS EVERYTHING OUT OF PORPORTION

  • WyzePro

    @Swoosh..knowin lil kim…sombodies babies…lol….

  • Re wants to ban chunky flipflops from life as we know it...

    Are they drinking out of test tubes…

  • Private Dancer

    those two ladies have on plenty of makeup!

  • Aunt Viv

    Tommy’s lookin’ a bit howyoudoin’ in that thumb…

  • Lil' Kevin Mayne

    how come i didn’t get an invitation?

  • Aunt Viv

    Happy Monday WyzePro!

  • Lil' Kevin Mayne

    lil ho

  • WyzePro

    aw dag…how low budget WAS this thing…Tommy Davidson?…c’mon dude…at least get Drabby Union at the event….

  • SMDH(the one that hates black females)

    Tommy Davidson on “Martin”

  • WyzePro

    and why is that bootleg gay version of lawrence fishbourne showin his nipples?….I thought the real men weren’t doin that anymore?

  • Rozza♥

    Lisa Raye needs to cut loose. Better than being on the island with that man and cutting nuts.

    @Kevin Mayne: Where did you get your gravatar? I saw this on a poster that said “I FU$%IN’ LOVE COLORING!!!!!” Too funny!

  • thickems

    Kim looks pretty decent !

    LisaRaye beautiful. Love the dress !


    I would like to burn all make up and weave please!!! I am so sick of it!!! I can’t take plastic women anymore!!!

  • Rozza♥

    Hey WyzePro! What is happenin’?

  • WyzePro

    Rozza..hey love…happy monday

  • ella

    Kim looks decent, for what it’s worth.

    Lisa looks nice as well.

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