New Music: Ludacris Has A Foursome With Diamond, Eve And Trina In “MY CHICK BAD” Remix

- By Bossip Staff

First Ludacris hit you with Nicki Minaj on the original version of “MY CHICK BAD”, now he is hitting you withFresh Meat Diamond, Skin Rash Trina and Bankrupt Eve in the “MY CHICK BAD” Remix. Check out this remix and let us know if you’re feeling it more than the original.

Hate It or Love It?!?!

Take a Listen… “MY CHICK BAD” Remix:

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  • http://okaythen naw naw

    love this song

  • ellehot000

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  • Hip Hop Diva

    I prefer the original with Nicki…Trina is WACK !!!! so so wack! I dont see how shes been around so long….EVE where you at girl?

  • blackguys

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  • aoki lin lee

    eve got off



  • p-nuts

    love it love it love …………..more than the original

  • luvkale

    Eve killed it!!! Trina said her usual stuff about being the bad B**** and Diamond did better than I thought she did…her vocabulary is way better than Trina….

    Eve needs to come back to the game ASAP…not with that “Tamborine” stuff tho,,,

  • Ms Cookie

    I luv this version. It is way better than hearing Nicki Minaj make those stupid noises and ugly faces when she raps. EVE and Diamond killed this version. Trina was left in their dust, i guess she left her mind at home as all she can do is focus on this skin rash bulls**t.

    Hell i would have liked Nicki Minaj’s retarded verse on the track as opposed to Trina. I guess she not the Baddest Bi**h anymore, now she is the Nastiest Bi**h.

  • WhatAWorld

    Trina-delusional rap about shyt that we don’t want to know about

    Diamond-flow was better than I thought.I wont hate

    Eve-still one of the best.Duh,Hollywood didn’t take that away(Thank God)

    Thank GOD the other one wasn’t on there having seizures,ugh!

  • Mel


  • I Get My Energy From My Inner G

    LMAO at Skin Rash Trina….Eve did go hard though…We miss you EVE!!!


    I like the remix better. Trina was ok, Diamond was better, but Eve killed it!

  • kidrebelny

    I’m not feeling this, so lets try again, Trina always been wack….NEXT!!!!!

  • latambra

    I love this song!! Its about time the women of Hip Hop did a song together. We should have more of these songs because all we here on the radio is men rapper. We forget about the women rappers

  • PrettyEverday

    Gotta agree, Eve did that! Diamond surprised me!.. now trina…..*crickets…

  • Somali Ninga

    EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • "well Dayum"

    remix is the truth!!!!!

    Diamond did her thing….love Eve as well, cant hate on Trina.

    like this one better than Nikki’s

  • dmo

    Both versions are wack but Nicki Mirage’s version is worse with her Nightmare on Elm Street lyrics. LMAO. Got to be in third grade if you like this mess.

  • DreTruth

    Yawn – eve was the best but this shet is too “Holliewood” Paris Hilton style.

  • DreTruth

    LMAO yes third grade mess.

  • Lush_Us_Lipps

    I like it, it would be a good song for this summer

  • juliemango

    The girls sound good. Are they challengin Bey??? & jayZ. The original version is better, the second version needed a harder beat on it to equate the original version(theres less Luda)!!! Plus Luda said the p rules the world version(sorry but He ruled on this track!!!)Still love the song tho, must look up the fresh meat. Eve’s makeup is nice.

  • juicyjessica

    E-V-E KILLED IT!! I like Diamond’s verse too…Trina did cool…Nicki Minaj needs boss b i t c h training!! Dare I say it… I EFFIN LOVE THIS SONG!!

  • thrasher

    Yeah,Eve, always been tight…but when she did that boring TV show, she kind’a fell off. Good to see her back!

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