Solange’s New Jawn

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Solange has had it up to here with the biz. Peep her new track titled: “F*ck The Industry (Sincerely Signed).” She credits Kanye West for the inspiration:

When I heard Kanye’s “Everything I Am” I instantly fell in love. I felt my story somewhere in his. I felt his frustration yet acceptance of who he was. So I decided to put my own little twist on it:)

This seems rather odd coming from Solange given that her big sis is like the “Industry Queen.” We feel where she’s coming from but we can’t help but to wonder if there’s a little jealousy at play.

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  • Moreaces


  • Me

    What!!! 1 first

  • Aunt Viv

    She’s growing on me, but I didn’t like the song.

  • Me

    Dang!!!! I’m not

  • Me

    gonna go watch “the bold and the Beautiful” then

  • LdyK

    Love the song..will be getting her album…what a shame they made her wait until queen bey was “finished” to release an album!

  • Ermy Erm (Bernie get well soon! Chitown keep ya prayers on LOCK for Morgan Freeman Too!)


  • Hallejuah!

    sixth post!

  • DragonLeo

    I like the song…..and the lyrics…I must admit that I’m impressed! Still not buying her album though

  • tropical

    she sound like beyonce

    a little more studio time

    and voic training she be ok

    i think for sure she more

    down to earth than her big sister

  • tropical


  • Jessica

    The song was cool and I think she feels the need to address the “industry” because she’s not Beyonce and won’t ever be but that doesn’t me she’s irrelevant. As for jealousy I’m sure it’s been tough to live in the shadows of a more successful sister especially when Solange thinks she’s more artistic…. whatever that means.

    However, what’s interesting to me is she’s crying about how unique and misunderstood she is but she’s still getting the same kinda career support Beyonce’s had from their Pops. Notice how Beyonce’s tracks haven’t leaked when Solange’s tracks hit the market? You know Papa Knowles is on his grind and his “unique” marketing strategy for Solange seems to be garnering more attention for her than Michelle and Kelly’s ever did. So, she can complain all she wants because I won’t feel sorry she’s not Beyonce because I’m not Beyonce either.


  • I'm Just Me- Bucky Baby's, Hoovy Baby's and Josh Allen's #1 STAN!!!! OH...and Kanye can soooo get it too :)


  • I'm Just Me- Bucky Baby's, Hoovy Baby's and Josh Allen's #1 STAN!!!! OH...and Kanye can soooo get it too :)

    LOVE IT…I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Go Solange.Like Auntie V said, you grew on me. Really am going to check out this album.

  • JAD

    The eyebrows…..

  • UnEEkHeR

    I really liked this… Solange always writing B’s music anyway. I think I want to get her album. I think she’s cool for having her own sound, and you gotta respect the underdog.. a talented one.

  • Dawn

    Beyonce aint’ no industry queen. For example, Alanis Morissette has sold 30 million albums. You can’t anoint Beyonce simply because her face is everywhere.I don’t know why people keep trying to crown Beyonce. She’s a great artist but her second solo album was not that great. She was better as a part of Destiny’s Child.

  • Nisha M

    Ummmm, Damn the song, did she forget to clean the excess wax off of her eyebrows?

  • Mandah! u aint said nuthin...

    i like ole gurl but dagg, be cool.

  • Earth Sign (Wake up black zombies!!)

    Solange,…just shut the hell up and be pretty. If you ever did blow up, you will always be compared to your sister.

  • I'm Just Me- Bucky Baby's, Hoovy Baby's and Josh Allen's #1 STAN!!!! OH...and Kanye can soooo get it too :)

    @ Mandah

    Hey Momma…it ain’t bad at all. I like her better than B…she seems more humble and she don’t talk in a barely audible whisper.

    How you doing today?

  • Lena

    What’s up with the eyebrows???

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    She sounds just like the Beyonce…What’s up with the frosted eye browz

  • Graphixmeister

    I think Solange is a little soft but I still hope she finds her niche. ‘I Decided’ wasn’t bad and I’m moderately curious to see what else she has to offer. I just don’t think her fan base – Black people who like Black music – is going to be feelin’ her whacky antics. There may be a passing curiosity but it won’t be enough to build a career on. Solange is like the Black version of Ashley Simpson to Beyonce’s Jessica. Not enough talent to keep the people interested.

  • silkybee

    I liked the song…it had a nice feel to it. I am definetly going to buy the CD when it comes out.

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