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One of Twitter’s most recent spectacles revolved around talking head Toure (whose hair seems far more informed about black culture than he’ll ever be) trying to wax poetic with his ideas about revolutionary seduction tactics employed by black female slaves to control their massas. Pop the hood for the screenshots.

In an effort to flex his “oh so impressive” thinking muscle — Toure attempted to turn Twitter conversation from a New York Times article about race in Alabama into an intellectual debate over interracial mating during slavery days. As you might imagine, it went horribly wrong.

Since the rape of female slaves is yet another humiliation black folks are still trying to overcome — something your average person is gonna realize is a touchy subject — the Twitterverse held a mini uprising against Toto. In an attempt to save face Toure blamed his words on his “cousin”.

Of course that only made things worse. The comment was met with fellow Twitterers trying to shame Toure for lying, along with a #tourescousin trending topic and eventually spawning an @tourescousin Twitter account. Toure has since deleted most of the commentary along with the excuse and taken the blame for being an ignoramus.

And yes, we realize we’re late on this one — but we generally try to pay Toure as least attention as possible since we find him even cornier than Nick Cannon (if that’s possible) and even less relevant than Teyana “Treasure Troll” Taylor (also a tough call).



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