Thanks A Lot Lady Gaga, Now Nobody Wants To Wear Pants!!! Erykah Badu Performs For Jimmy Fallon In Tights!

- By Bossip Staff

Apparently the no pants phenomenon isn’t just confined to pop stars like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna and Madonna — Erykah Badu brought her donk to the party while performing her first single “Window Seat” for Jimmy Fallon’s show last night. Pop the hood to watch her performance, and make sure you let us know if you are feeling her get up!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We’re not too sure about that outfit, however Badu’s sounding great, and no disrespect but, when she turns around it ain’t hard to tell why all these rappers keep getting caught up. Erykah’s album New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh drops March 30th.

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  • Ummmm

    soooo??? (first)

  • Her Karma=His Redemption

    I use to love her “originality”…and I miss it!

  • ockyj

    She’s got the body for it even after all them kids. Do you, Erykah.

  • resurrected

    To where see thru tights or stocking like regular pants is just tacky and hott in the azz these R not like leggings… This is not a cute or c l a s s y look at all…

  • Hannibal


  • ValleyGirl

    I knew she had a nice booty even back in the long dress days. Just been waiting to see it unveiled. 😉

  • Meemeemoo

    if anybody start hatin on Erykah Badu. Thats exactly what they are “HATERS”. She is the reason lady goo goo can get away with dressin the way she does.

  • kachi cally

    I’ll hit it tho..

  • Jata

    Ummm actually Erykah was wearing a similar outfit 2 years ago during her tour. Ms Badu does whatever she wants inspite of others. I dig it.

  • Wenzel Dashington

    Pants on the ground!

    Maybe this will catch on and Aretha Franklin will be on in HD.

  • frankiestage

    Like the song. It’s got kind of a smooth jazz feel. Oh, and Erykah still got that phat azz.

  • Her Karma=His Redemption

    @ Wenzel…

    You just killed all hopes of me laughing anymore…as a matter of fact…I’m about to throw uuuuuuup!!!

  • afrodite

    gaga was born 10 days after me. i GREW UP on erykah. the older girls i followed around sang hers and lauren hill’s songs a cappella and amazed me. gaga is the biter, not badu

  • http://msn DC'S FINEST

    E.B. has been dressing outside the box since ’95 & has the talent to back it up. Gaga is a traveling circus who uses her gimmick to mask her lack of talent. The SAD part is, people are eating that bullsh*t up! Oh, by the way, I’m LIVIN 4 that ankh ring-that thang is SICK! Keep on doin YOU Erykah I’m ridin wit ya girl!


    She always hot, musically, physically etc. That’s my girl.

  • http://. hotgloria

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  • mizzfrost

    Erykah Badu is one of the best artists out there!!! Thats one album Im willing to buy. Keep on keepin on gurrl!!

  • http://bossip Keep It Real


    A self righteous one at that.

  • Barbara


  • Apple Daniels

    Um… if I recall Erykah was into originality and “interesting looks” waaaay before we knew who this Gaga character was…SMH

  • Somali Ninga

    @ Hannibal
    agree. This lady got WAY too many baby daddies!

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  • mizzfrost

    @Somali Ninga
    I really thought you were cool…till now. Just cause someone has more than one baby daddy doesnt make her a hoe! pfft.

  • Pray ni%%a Pray

    Nice A s s!

  • http://fromthat TINGTING

    she been dressing how she want from the start so this isnt new at all…

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