BDR Loves The Jews… And Diddy And Jay-Z Do Too!

- By Bossip Staff

In his most recent blog “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews” BDR reveals how the Blacks and Jews have long stood side by side to march against racism and injustice and oh yeah, pop bottles and Challah for some dollas too. As usual — Uncle Russ is long winded as the fu*k but of course we brought along our handy BOSSIP BDR Translator to make it easy on you. Pop the hood for more:

BDR kicks off his three page blog discussing how the history of partnership between Blacks and Jews during the civil rights movement is all well documented but the “creative alliances” aren’t as well documented. He goes on to introduce his buddy Rabbi Marc Schneier at The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and keeps on talking about how nobody helped blacks as much as Jews did during the civil rights movment… He then discusses the persecution of both communities before arriving at his real point — Jews GET MONEY!!!

“Despite the years of anti-Semitism, the Jewish community has not let the hatred of others hinder their ambitions or drive for success. The Jews have been resourceful and have stood together and time and time again prospered in business, medicine, law and entertainment. This is a great example of what a tight knit family and education can accomplish even against a world filled with shut doors and hate.”

“While I have many firsthand experiences in records, jewelry (sic), fashion, internet, TV, film, financial services, and much more, I have also noticed Jay Z, Puffy, and most of hip-hop out-branding the record business that is dying its own death, and building partnerships in areas previously reserved for white men. Both Jay Z and Puffy are truly creative entrepreneurs, and both have learned a lot of these skills from their Jewish partners and suppliers.”

“Entrepreneurs are usually raised in cultures that feed that free spirit that allows them to dream up new ideas and break the mold. Without documentation I can still safely state that in most hoods, and certainly in mine, going to school to “get a good job” was the goal.”

But I built many businesses with Jews who didn’t let school dim down their dreams and they were comfortable with the idea to let go of the idea of job security and fly. This I learned from Orthodox Jews, Syrian Jews, Reform Jews and other sects of Judaism. All of these communities have welcomed.”

Today’s BDR Translator will keep it short and sweet: Find a Jew, Friend A Jew, And You Can Get Some Dollars Too! Diddy And Jay-Z Did It So Why Not You???


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