Gabourey Sidibe Loves The White Boys… Guess Who She Wants Now

- By Bossip Staff

After the Oscars Gabourey Sidibe had her eyes on a new piece of white meat.  We guess after Justin Timberlake didn’t respond she had to move on.

Pop the top to find out who the lucky new man is.

According to sources, after Gabourey Sidibe passed actor Gerard Butler she told her friend “I’d hit that.” Sources say that when Gabby actually got close enough to Gerald she didn’t make the best first impression and felt like she stepped on his foot.

Lucky for her she got a second chance to get close to the actor and seized the opportunity to say again that she’d hit that while Gerard was within earshot. Surprisingly Gerard responded by saying ‘I’m here, I’m available.’ A shocked Gabourey said they should go pop a bottle and see where the night goes.

Hmmm… wonder where the night did go? More importantly, why hasn’t she made any advances at the chocolate fellas?


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  • ohnooooo

    yall act like she cant pull her a white man

  • Human Racist

    In the words of the almighty Negro spiritual, “I’m not goin’ to be able to do it!!”

  • juliemango

    The new Gabby knows that the chobros r not thirsty for the newGabby, she stepped on a good foot tho!!!

  • white wins

    We welcome her with open arms! Go Gaby!

  • Cherry Punch

    Because she knows better. Get you some Gabby!!!!

  • chocolte loving


    I would hit that too

  • Nique (Bossip...Bullsh!!t without Shame)

    Girl, PLEASE!

    If this is correct, imma have to give her a LOUD…


  • foxxy cleopatra foster

    Black people, y’all really make your self-hate apparent when y’all talk about dating outside of your race as if it’s some type of prize.

  • Birdman-Baby

    she’s DELUSIONAL…those white men don’t want that BUGGABEAR!

  • big deal

    Does it matter what she likes? Even more importantly, it doesnt mean she doesn’t like black men. She’s in hollywood! She likes it all.

    Go Gabby!

  • FiveStar

    He is fine as hell…I’m with Gabby

  • LaDiva

    Hey whatever makes u happy…
    Everyone regardless of your nationality, religion and weigh size all need love.

  • Gimmeabreak78

    I don’t know about Gerard Butler. His abs were on point in 300, but he’s so-so to me.

  • Nobody Beats The Biz

    Isn’t this art imitating life…imitating art.

    In PRECIOUS, didnt she dream about getting a light skinned boyfriend with good hair (which is 2nd prize in the I wanna get white person contest). Maybe she’s just a more refined version of her character without all the abuse. The fact that she’s calling out all these WHITE GUYS is really disturning.

    There are PLENTY of brotha’s that would be with her. Some black men LOVE a BIG GURL – especially with the success shes having. So thats no excuse.

    This is SAD.

  • Tam Tam

    I MEAN CHRIS TUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WhatAWorld

    I’m starting to like Gabby and Gerard Butler is fine pre and post “300”.He is ruggedly attractive and that accent whew boy!#dontjudgeme,lmao!

  • MrTavMarie

    I’m kind of tired of seeing her now.

  • B-luv

    She just tryin to get in where she fit in, so leave her alone!

  • DaHonestTruth ~ I Will ALWAYS Keep It Real

    Hey – do u Gabby! As much as the black man chases behind white women why shouldn’t she try to swirl! Get yours boo!

  • I Am Legend

    Ewwwwwwwwwww……… thats all ima say

  • LaDiva


  • S

    she was probably joking. i wouldn’t take her comment literally.

  • Marry Me

    Leave the girl alone. People want what they want. I sincerely hope she gets what she wants. Life’s too short, man…Go for it Gabs!

  • I Am Legend

    Like my man BIGGIE says…Heartthrob never black and ugly as ever

  • kychelle

    I think gabourey is a beautiful black woman. Its a shame that so many of you are very ignorant to put her down. The only reason you are is because she is a darkskinned black woman. If she was lightskinned and a size 0 she would be put on a pedestal and it would not matter who she was interested in. even though its 2010 people still discriminate against darker skinned women. This is why I admire her because she is confident and overlooks ignorance instead of letting it bring her down. Hey those of you who are putting her down she was an oscar nominee ARE YOU! SO LOOK AT YOURSELF BEFORE YOU PUT THE NEXT ONE DOWN.

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