Since When Do Guys Bring “F*ck Buddies” Home To Meet The Parents???

- By Bossip Staff

Even though these two swear up and down that they’re not boo’d up, they sure do act how “boos” act. BOSSIP has the scoop on Rihanna and Matt Kemp’s little love affair when you…

Rihanna traveled to Arizona to meet boyfriend Matt Kemp’s family this weekend, but this was no ordinary trip. The singer flew in all the way from Berlin on Saturday just so she could attend Kemp’s charity bash, Ante Up for Autism. The L.A. Dodgers outfielder is very close to the cause as his brother is autistic.

She had performed at the Echo Awards in Berlin on Thursday but then hopped on a plane shortly after. “Matt was happy she came,” says an inside source on Rihanna making it to the event. “It was an awesome show of support.”

Besides the other pro baseballers in the house Saturday evening, Kemp’s family also attended, and they met Rihanna for the first time. “Rihanna fit right in as if they all knew each other. It was comfortable.”



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  • chrishawn bellway


  • tb

    Who gives a flying dog ish!

  • Human Racist

    go head, fo’ head!!!!

  • nywoman23


    3/9/10, 12:01:pm

    Who gives a flying dog ish!


  • Nique (Bossip...Bullsh!!t without Shame)

    Where’s the rest of her hair/4head??


    she’s such a twit.

  • Tianna

    Hmmm, is this cause Chris brought his chick home to meet momma? Hmmmm.

  • juliemango

    Wow, holyshiiitt @ the pic> FLAWLESS!!! some the fam. may have fu33 buds of their own so they understand!!!

  • shonda

    Who cares. I hope their happy.

  • Ms.EJ

    She looks absolutely goregous in this picture I think she should rock this look more often. It does seem that the relationship is more of a “for fun” thing, but you never know. On another site many people were stating that he is an alleged rapist, does anyone know anything about this Matt Kemp? or heard/read this about him?

  • XMasto

    Yall need to stop seriously< and its good that she moved on from Breezy in all actuallity they do look good together.

  • Hot Chocolate

    She actually looks nice 🙂

  • Ladybee

    I like the placement of her hand in the pic. That is a cute pic of the two of them together. But i dont feel like this is a real relationship. IMO.

  • Keepnit100

    @ Human Racist
    3/9/10, 12:03:pm

    go head, fo’ head!!!!




    Wow this girl is SO beautiful! Her skin is just flawless and natural… she’s looking very radiant in this photo.

    I like seeing them together, Matt has a stunning smile!

  • seriously?

    they both look nice and clean

  • MzLeaveItAloneSays

    @MS EJ. I agree with you. She looks really pretty stripped down without all the crazy haridos and such.

  • WORD!

    @Human Racist
    I’m dying laughing!!!!!

  • whateva

    go ri he is an upgrade from brown, he will make better babies than jay anyday.. lol

  • Ms.EJ

    @CRAZYPEOPLE- Oh, okay, thank you, because I kept reading comments, but no one went into detail or explained where that came from. Thanks again 😉

    @MZLEAVEITALONESAYS- I know this is a nice and soft look for her and truly shows that the other makeup for her takes away from her true beauty and/or features. I always think light and natural makeup looks the best (for one who wears makeup).

  • resurrected

    What is real when you publicist are involved they are like professional liars along with the media manipulation? They both seem very unstable to me but as long as they are happy with themselves who cares…

  • Her Karma=His Redemption

    I hope this is not fabricated…these two do seem to be spending alot of time together…THAT’S WHAT SINGLE PEOPLE DO!!!

    The one thing I know is baseball players are some of the A.O.K’ist guys to run with…and they also know how make do with where the are..hint-hint…

    If their dating great…and if not…too bad!!!

  • tg

    I’m not a RiRi fan, but why you guys always hating on something sweet and nice and loving on all the bad things that happen?

  • resurrected

    I am still waiting to see if Letoya is actually pregnant by this man because they were hanging tuff before him and Riri and now she is rumored to be pregnant and it might be him but the truth will surface soon enough…

  • Mock Rock Star

    By looking at this picture he seems to really like her or is really happy. She looks likes she’s cool with the situation. He looks really handsome in this picture.

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