Guess The Little Leopard Man Slippers…

- By Bossip Staff

Some ‘trendy fellow’ was seen wearing these nice little animal print kicks. We’re not sure how masculine these slippers are, but if you’re curious as to who was spotted roking these things, you must

It’s that douchebag Scott Dis-ick…SMH.

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  • drenk

    S.C.U.M. BAG; damn fix your dumb filter!!!

  • JumpoFF

    Christian Bale from American Psycho…Lol.



  • Sweetest Taboo

    @ CANDY – A simple a$$ Hodashian would…

  • J

    he’s not a man anyway

  • missfinest1

    He looks gay to me!!


    Wut else do u expect from dis cat?

  • tarrilove

    @Jumpoff you called that dead on! Christian Bale “American Psycho”! Scott is such a freaking young Republican,Trust Fund,Scumbag,Douche its not even funny!

  • loveme lovemenot

    eww Who allows their man to walk down the street with slippers on smdh.. And where is here baby mine is older than hers and yes I could drop him off to family but I’d rather raise mine!!! Then they wonder why their children grow up messing up!!! Stop taking shopping trips go be with your baby you are a mother now life does not stop it begans when you are a mother…

  • BrwnBeauty

    I don’t believe his antics on the Kardashian Show is real…my theory is they pay him to act that way…cuz I can’t imagine Kourtney really liking a douche like him….well enough to bare his offspring I would think that my child would have those douche-like traits….lol

  • ms_holliday

    @ Drenk

    He11s yeah he looks like a rich nut case

  • ThisMomsADiVA

    He’s gay, so are the shoes, next!!

  • Mz. D

    If they ever do a remake of American Psycho he need to play Christian Bale’s part. Hey he already has the look and attitude…..

  • Such a Fu* king Lady

    He is so childish but I love how he aggravates Kris.

  • Betty

    did yall see when he stuffed the money down the guy’s mouth?

  • Wow He GOt BIg Feet

    THat’s got to be the only reason she is still with this jerk is becuz he’s got big feet!!!!! meaning !!!!!!

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