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Walmart Stores Selling Black Barbies For Less Than White Barbies (GO)

Diddy Dropping Dirty Money Off “Last Train To Paris”?!?! (GO)

Man Arrested For Raping Woman, Carving “Mine” Into Her Stomach (GO)

Gambling On Urban Fashion’s New Mature Vibe (GO)

A History Of All The Women Lil Wayne Has Smashed (GO)

Katy Perry is going to be Smurfette (GO)

Big Island, Little Woman in a Bathing Suit of the Day (GO)

Heidi Montag’s Fake Tits: A Ron Howard Film (GO)

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  • cc


  • pynk

    Good. That shows we don’t buy that crap. I’d rather my daughter idolize someone real instead of a plastic doll w/ false representation of what women look like and/or should be.

  • always knew


  • chaka1

    Also, have you seen the price of dolls?

  • http://bossip too cute

    guess they aren’t selling like the white dolls,therefore they are marked down,maybe some black girls prefer the white doll instead,which is sad,they did a study years ago about that

  • Gimmeabreak78

    Supply and demand. Who cares. I wouldn’t want my kids playing with a “black” doll with white features anyway.

  • :)

    really??? i dont see asia barbie! what about mexican barbie!how bout a Haspaninc Barbie? middle eastern barbie?? how bout japanese/jewish barbie!!! at least you have a barbie 🙂

  • Powderpuff

    i blame nicki manaj

  • http://bossip ni

    pynk- Thats all I came to say. Blame Nikki M !

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  • ATLien

    Oh well, we’ll save more money IF we choose to buy one…not gonna complain about this one. Think about it, if it were the opposite, we’d be crying ‘racism’ saying the Black dolls are higher, so they want us to buy the white dolls…. Not gonna pull the race card on this one at all…Thanks ‘white man’…:-)

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