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Black History Month is almost over and these soup cookies are still trying yellow rain on our parade.

We’ve seen a LOT of people do a LOT of foul stuff in our day and this story is somewhere high on that list. According to a Newsweek report, a Black woman in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the same place where police peppered Jacob Blake with gunfire, was subject to almost unspeakable disrespect at the hands of some Anglo-Saxon a**holes at a local car dealership. Leah Jefferson went to NH Auto Sales in hopes of finding a new vehicle to get her around in life, what she got instead was a trauma that could damage her life and mental health.

According to a Facebook post, after test-driving a car and deciding that it wasn’t the one for her, Leah left the dealership only to discover that she had left her driver’s license…

“My exact words were, ‘I left my ID [so] can I cashapp you like $5 to send back to me.’ I don’t have time to just drive an hour away I made time today because I was viewing a car but I work all the time.

A man named Bryan Slaven (hell of a last name…) agreed that she could contact him on the following Monday to get her license back because he would not be in town. What happened next was…well…see for yourself in the video below…

That’s right, b!t**a** Bryan filmed himself urinating all over Leah’s license and posted it to Snapchat where he thought he was safe. What Bryan didn’t realize is that he was not safe from accountability and he had actually entered the FAFO cycle. A good samaritan Instagram user who didn’t know Leah from a can of paint reached out to alert her to the video and the fact that her name, address, and personal information were literally floating around the pissy bowels of the internet.

Kenosha Police Department issued a statement regarding the video and announced that they were investigating but begged the public not to take any action against the NH Auto or Bryan Slaven…


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