A Mid Day Banger For The Fellas

- By Bossip Staff

Letoya Luckett was spotted at MBK Entertainment’s “We Got The Next Showcase Part II” at the Highline Ballroom in NYC all close and comfy with her makeup artist AJ Crimson. 

She’s been on the market for a while, are the fellas still checking for her???

More pics of Letoya coupled up under the hood.

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  • I'm bambi itch!

    She’s cute..

  • http://www.twitter.com/GOTSTRONG BicycleCrazy

    She has it going on, but a little to small for me.

  • doboys

    Yes Sir,Thanks.

  • Such a Fu* king Lady

    She looks normal

  • SiDeWayZ

    Dude is probally playing for the other team. She looks fine in those shots.

  • Somali Ninga

    Isnt she pregnant?

  • Don't Procreate

    If she’s “coupled up” with dudes like this, that’s why she’s still single. He’s got more vogue in his pose than she does.
    She’s really pretty. Maybe she just likes being single. Not everyone wants a man around 24/7.

  • yay

    Im soo glad she came back out. Dont really listen to her music but im glad she didnt let nobody get in her way.
    Shes too pretty.
    She deserves a good life after all shes been through

    He looks a lil sweet tho, just saying

  • citiboi

    looks like a barbie doll…we want shanequa back…

  • http://www.kanyeuniversecity.com/blog/imgpop.php?img=http://www.kanyeuniversecity.com/client_images/kanyewest/3164_b0e5bda4c46c8d17b6cf25713d3170ac.jpg Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    Latoya is looking GOOD!!!

  • Such a Fu* king Lady

    She didn’t let hollyweird get to her. She seems down to earth.

  • http://yahoo ohyes

    Why is this making it on the blob as some news?

  • http://www.GREENBACKGANG.net www.GREENBACKGANG.net

    Yep she still a H-town Diva!

  • Tam Tam

    WORK IT GIRL!!!!

  • http://. sweety213

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  • http://bossip.com too cute

    she’s a cute girl

  • B3 Fearless

    She looks so good!

  • nick is stupid

    80% of the men in america cheat. has nothing to do with the woman. nick is stupid.

    letoya is so beautiful

  • blackJaguaress(loving my 9ether hair)

    @NICK.A man will cheat if he is so inclined.It doesn’t matter how delicious a woman’s p u$$y is or how sweet her personality is.

  • real black is chocolate

    @nick is stupid

    nah it’s women cheat not men

  • real black is chocolate

    pu$$y power!

  • TRUTH IS....

    i like letoya…down to earth…not superficial

  • CheeChee

    …’the hell is up with her lipstick?…


    Wow I’m not sure what she did different but she looks gorgeous.

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