Kush Chronicles: Nene’s Son Bryson Popped For Holding Some Mary Jane

- By Bossip Staff

Nene’s son is dumb as hell:

The son of a “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member is in real trouble with the law. Twenty-year-old Bryson Bryant was arrested Sunday while visiting an inmate at the Gwinnett County jail.

Authorities reportedly found marijuana on Bryant while arresting him for failing to appear in court for a traffic violation. Bryant was released Wednesday after posting bond. Bryant is the son of the NeNe Leakes, a cast member on the hit Bravo TV show.

Leakes released a statement saying that she was disappointed in her son’s actions and will deal with the matter privately.

Why the f*ck would he have weed on him “while visiting an inmate” at jail??? Stupid a*s

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  • B3 Fearless

    Rickey Smiley get your new “godson!” Wasn’t she just on Rickey Smiley’s show last week talking about how out of control he is.

    Nene you need to let your son fall. Sometimes with young men that’s what it takes for them to grow up! How do you expect a boy to be a man and make the right decisions if you keep sheltering them, coddling them and not let them step out on their own.

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    seething idiot.

  • Nique (Bossip...Bullsh!!t without Shame)


  • NUVO

    he looks dumb

  • ATLBlogger (I Found My SWAG!!!!)

    Cosign with “WhatAWorld”

    But LOL at the title: “Kush Chronicles!”

  • Glok...Book of Obama, Chapter bullchit!


  • ghost

    Glok…Book of Obama, Chapter bullchit!
    are u some form of retard expressing new found old knowledge u lame as hell!!

  • Don'tGiveAWhat

    Sadly, I don’t even think being faced with a “real @ss problem” like this will do any good to deflate that super-sized head of hers. (Her ego just got out of control in the second season…I stopped liking her and started going with Dwight and Lisa as my faves.) And being that she now has a college-dropout with an arrest record for a son, she’ll probably REALLY think she fits in with the celebrity scene now… SMH.

  • Tam Tam


  • It's Me

    Surely was on the the radio last week. Guess he didn’t listen to anything they were telling his dumb a.s.s. O well maybe he will listen to big mike if his a.s.s gets sum time in jail.

  • cruzan trini

    I was on lock with a chick that did that same exact thing. All she had was a little bit of bud, under normal circumstances would’ve been a misdemeanor, but because she brought it to a jail facility she got charged with a felony.

  • And the Truth Is....

    … he’s probably acting out (even as an adult) because his momma spend more time on “stunin her siht” vice nuturing her kids… while she flossin all over the world, the world is infiltrating her kids… get yo priorities in check, NeNe… fake hollywood itch…

  • Human Racist

    That is a new kind of stupid there, D I C K Head!!!

    While you at it cut those plats on your head too!

  • http://zj.myway.com/?st= AM Hood

    No matter how we raise our children at some point they go their own way. Choosing stupid A$$ friends over what is good and right. Do not be a follower but a leader. this child has a mother that cares and he is wasting a good opportunity to get his life together. Be like the Kardashians and make it a family deal where everyone makes some money. But, not this fool. They couldn’t have him on the show now, making such a silly move. Grow up boy, be a man, don’t be scared. what ever your personal problem may be, let them go and move on in life. Guess the boy would rather lead the hard life a a struggling drug dealer, cause that is where he is headed. Looks like someone one need and intervention. Can we say Dr. DREW??

  • 2Sweet

    I would hate to have NeNe as a mother. We see she has some whack azz genes!!!

  • Levon

    This Mo-Fo is one UGGLey dude,looking like his momma…she should stop being so fake and start trying to get involved with her sons life…

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983. 36 Days. SHANI DAVIS ALL DAY!!!


  • It's Not Just Him

    Michael Douglas son has a drug problem & is in trouble with the law, Charlie Sheen & his wife both have problems, I could go on & on so don’t just try to put this youngman down when there are a lot of celebrities & their kids that have more serious drug problems than weed. Yes, he did a dumb thing taking it in the jail, but he was probably high when he did it. Good reason not to use drugs because you make stupid life decisions.

  • memchee

    what’s she gonna deal with privately?

    He’s a grown azz man!

  • satch

    @at not just him.he ain’t white.when black folks going to realize there is two justice systems.michael douglas and sheen got money for the best lawyers we don,t

  • White Women Rule

    I beg to differ dear. This is no child. This is a young man who CHOSE to do something incredibly stupid and will now pay the price. How hard is it to just live your life with no silliness attached? I for one am sick and tired of the stupidity of these young people. There are people who risk their lives to get into this country and yet the ones here legally do nothing with the opportunities afforded to them. Enough is enough.

  • chicken little

    Why is this grown @ss man still staying at home with his mama and daddy?!

    Black women: we have got to raise our sons to be MEN. This fool ain’t in nobody’s college, traning program or place of employment. Nene just raised another no-good, irresponsible, dumb @ss. SMH.

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