F**K A Video… Lady GaGa Turns Bey Bey Out In “TELEPHONE” The Movie

- By Bossip Staff

Lady GaGa was not playing around with her new video. She stepped up her game and turned “Telephone” into a mini-movie, so Beyonce had no choice but to play along. Finally, Beyonce is playing a chick role because we all know that doesn’t happen in her marriage…

Pop the Top for a Peek at This Jawn

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Every chance Lady GaGa gets, she going to continue to address and STRESS that she doesn’t have a d**k. If you didn’t peep the comment that was made go back to the 1:11 mark…

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  • Rip music officially dead in 2009

    This is why I said music is dead

  • This h/o/e still can't act..even in a video!

    @ JEALOUSY – Chill out, Beyonce is washed up. And for real? Kill a whole diner of people by poisoning? Then DANCE! Sketchy a$$ tramps.


    cant see the vid here at work, i hope they end up in the scissor position :]

  • Rip music offically died in 2009

    I hate ugly lady ugly gaga this is what our music generation is about????? These are the songs that we are leaving behind??????? I wish I grew up in the 70s and 80s not only the 90s cause people actually had to have talent to be famous not wear stupid clothes n do things for shock value trying to distract people from how talentless you are!!!!!!

  • Really??????

    I’m Forever lovin’ Beyonce! I’m a number one STAN!!!! HAA HAA HAAA
    She’s always doing it with style.


    I feel sorry for you your sooo delusional poor thing must be young.

  • Eyre


  • Child of God

    DEMONIC! Praying for their souls! Mark 8:36
    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Wake up Bey!

  • Really??????

    Not young at all – Just not a HATER!!!

  • LaDiva

    Love Gaga….that’s my girl….get it baby….


    shut up!! you hate real musicians that play instruments and call them gay. Then shake yo azz to Gucci Mane and FLOCKA WOCKA! I hate talent, so I love this.

  • **EYE_CANDY**

    Hello people it’s for entertaining purposes only… I GET IT AND I LOVED IT!!! (their only tryn to switch things up a little, to keep their fans interested, and not do the usual that EVERYBODY’s DOING…)

  • LolaB

    and stop critizing every dang thing bc I GUARANTEE what you are doing is not perfect by any means.

    This site know it has some haters, hyprocrites, and judmental people – but let me guess none of you all are going to hell bc you are so F@%!ing perfect right?!

    Everyones Shyt stanks at one point or another remember that, and that goes to whoever you talk about whether a friend or famous – remember your shyt aint right either.

    Can you tell I get annoyed with idiots?

  • interesting

    OMG this was sooo intersting to me! I loved the Vid … and I didn’t even know who Lady GaGA was. I don’t really like the song though. Loved the whole Thema and Louise ending.

  • **EYE_CANDY**

    OMG! I so agree with you LolaB!

  • Rip muisc died in 2009

    Poor people don’t know what reall music is who actually like lady ugly lol must be on crack hard if you like her that the only way you could take trash like her seriously smh at people who call he a musican and talented lol


    @ I FEEL A HOW U DOING COMING ON : and so wat if she’s a carpet muncher…. who isnt??? u spend so much time focussin on ppls life… i bet u styl live with ur mom!! get a life LOOSER!!!

  • http://bossip nelson

    So what she is a carpet muncher what?. It’s a difference from being a carpet muncher on your own vs someone promoting and casting spells on you to be one. Thats all they are doing. Why do you think so many are g.a.y.. It’s called pushing a agenda. Recognize when you are doing something on your own vs something coming over you. Thats was the dumbest thing I ever heard. ” so what she munch carpet” your kids will be munching too


    yaaaaawwwwwwn, these b i t c h e s couldn’t get a rise if they had the d i c k s they really want.

  • Tia

    I am sick of people Throwing the “hater” so loosely. Just because someone don’t like what a person does not make them a hater.I don’t care for GA GA music.It’s just not my taste I wish her well in all that she DO! I just don’t like her music.Does that make me a hater?? NO!!

  • GoKickRox

    this was SOME MESS! I mean straight out of HELL!

  • Why

    It was pretty good! Nice concept, very different from today. It will take a while for the BLACKS to like this song but you dont have to worry about GAGA’s fans not liking it, btw, she doesnt need your 2 0r 3 cents anyway because her fan base is mostly WHITE, other ETHNICITIES, and gay. GET A LIFE FOLKS cuz everything is not about you. I love the people who want to say Beyonce is washed up, LMAO! Maybe in your book of life she is but on paper, she is the SHYT!!!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!!! And they were not pushing an agenda, u idiots just dont have your own mind! I wish folks wud get off this GAY SHYT already, dayum!!!

  • berryliousbea

    Lady GaGa is the best in pop music


    LMAO @ WHY

    Speak the TRUTH to no TALENT!

    “Stanky leg”

    I did like do the Halle Berry LMAO


  • WOW!!!

    @Tia-I agree with you. Everybody is not going to like everyting but that doesn’t mean they are a hater. Are you serious? I don’t get that either. It’s impossible for everybody to like everything.

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