Lil Manny “Pacman” Pacquaio Beat The Snot Out Of Joshua Clottey At Cowboy Stadium

- By Bossip Staff

Hopefully you went to someone else’s house to watch this one instead of spending your good hard earned money on Pay-Per-View:

Fighting on the star, Manny Pacquiao showed once again why he is such a star. With the biggest fight crowd in the U.S. in 17 years cheering him on at Cowboys Stadium, Pacquiao dominated a strangely passive Joshua Clottey from the opening bell Saturday night to retain his welterweight title and cement his status as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

The fight wasn’t close, and it was never in doubt. It was so one-sided that even those in the cheap seats among the crowd of 50,994 could tell without looking at the giant video screens over the ring that Pacquiao was in total command. One ringside judge gave Pacquiao every round, while the two others gave him all but one. The Associated Press scored it a shutout for the Filipino sensation.

It wasn’t as flashy as his knockout of Ricky Hatton or as savage as the beating he gave Oscar De La Hoya, but there was no doubt Pacquiao was in command the entire way against a fighter who kept his gloves up high in front of his face and chose to engage him only in spurts. Clottey’s strategy worked to keep him upright, but he was never competitive in the biggest fight of his career. Clottey had gotten the fight off a good performance in his last bout against Miguel Cotto, but he was clearly more concerned with surviving the all-out assault that Pacquiao is noted for than winning the fight.

“Joshua Clottey had the power to knock him out but was reluctant to punch,” DeJesus said. “We clearly got beat. I don’t think he won a round.”

Roach agreed, saying he saw nothing in Clottey to win.

“He had a good defense, but defense isn’t enough to win a fight,” Roach said.



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  • LeahLeah


  • tellthetruth5678

    Was it staged?

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Damn Clottey, he was thinking too much about his payday.

  • wowman

    wow that dude in that pic is black. really black

  • The Bear

    Manny should try fighting without steroids. Then lets see what he’s made of.

  • Lickety Split

    He didn’t get any PPV dollars from me.

  • real black is chocolate

    Manny ugly Pacquiao is wack!

  • smittyt

    hey BEAR, i thought i was the only one to know he took steroits,damn then it,s really true.

  • Txhustla15

    Good fight , turned out to be a technical one. Pac should have dropped him and Clottey should have been more aggressive with his combinations. Hopefully the Mayweather card will be a better event…

  • dragon

    why that bamma duck mayweather

  • real black is chocolate

    Mayweather the best!

  • memchee

    Clottey – is he from Sudan?

    ….nice complexion!

  • UrHeinessDaQueen

    Just had to say that I’m so loving black dude’s complexion in this pic!

    It looks so rich. @ times,I wish I were darker hehe. Especially around the summertime 🙂

    His body looks nice too.


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  • ♠♡❥☛【NYWOMAN23】☚♤☂♥

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  • S.W.A.T's Soldier

    Man it’s some real ignorant self hatin f*ckers on here but anyway….Pacquiao is a cheater and I can’t wait for him to stop running so money mayweather can slice him up. How do you start out as a straw weight, continue to move up nearly 30 plus pounds while getting older, while maintaining and even increasing speed and power…..unheard of! He on some barry bonds ish!!

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  • Kool Breeze


    Great Point!!

  • lol lol

    After every round they tapped gloves as if they were in a sparing session. This dude was payed to throw the fight. Make 3 mill and win or take 6 mill and walk away… Joke pak chow does not have a chance against money Floyd !

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    I refused to get dat fight. I knew it was going to be PURE Garbage. Clottey shouldn’t be a professional boxer throwing like only 5 punches a round. He a straight up BUM.

  • Glok.. Da Messiah,... Da Anointed One!


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