Pardon My Back…

- By Bossip Staff

Can you guess who was spotted looking a mess walking around the UK.

Hint:She looks amazing on the new Ebony mag cover. Pop the top to find out who if you’re still stumped.

The paps caught Sade on her simple woman status complete with a doo-rag, baggy jeans and an old tee. Damn we prefer her much better like this.

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  • Dj Los

    She still gives the sweetest Taboo!

  • Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper

    well, it’s not Kim Kardashian (surprise, surprise!)

  • LiveLaughLearn

    Still love sade, timeless beauty and talent


    Make up & air brushing does wonder but she still look better than the average 50yr old on the street.

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    do not talk ish about Sade. she ca do no wrong in my eyes~

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    I like the carhart pants~

  • real black is chocolate

    she’s sleep only with ugly lil d’ck azz crackers of course she’s will be ugly now!

  • smittyt

    i always thought sade was ugly as hell,now i know i was right on.

  • Mrs. Frankie Lymon

    She’s still beautiful!!!

  • memchee

    c’mon nigh!

    it’s one thing to not dress up the pretty, but this….I hope this is some sort of attempt at a disguise.

  • realdwn2erth

    Leave her alone! She was just out and about, and didn’t want the popparasi: “however, u spell that word! LOL!” To notice her. She was just in a disguise!! “Damn people! Get a clue!” SMH!

  • me

    she’s gorgeous and amazing in every way.

  • james

    It’s about time you all treat others the way you all treat Whitney HOuston. Sade does look a mess but you can’t expect celebrities to be on their A game all the time.

  • sweet


    and the ones who spend hours in the gym and want to show it off 🙂

  • !!!!!


  • Gimmeabreak78

    Still love Sade! Even “dressed down”, she still looks better than many women half her age!

  • Romy

    Dat’s my baby’s momma and she don’t give a phizz-uck what other’s thing. She when to the store, got a loaf of bread and was obviously about to make some French toast or a nice roast beef sandwich. Point being, she comes out with an album ever ten years and can live happily and comfortably.

  • http://aol ebonieladi

    I bet she’s comfortable as hell. You go girl.

  • NYC34

    See now your crossing the line! leave her alone! I don’t want to hear or see her on this blog in this light. She is the best kept secret, so leave it that way!


    I WOULD LOVE TO SEE WHAT U young’ins will LOOK like when ur AZZ’s turn 50! Not say’in it’z an old number or NEthing like that,but come on ya’ll,U got ta give her the PROPz she DESEVRE’z! I wish she would come to upstate NY so I can have the PLEASURE of hear’in her SWEETEST TABOOOOs. DO U SADE,,,tha rest of U’s….FALL BACK

  • Daily Porter

    Leave her alone…. she is awesome.

  • 2Sweet


  • lyoness

    I would LOVE to see what some people look like at the age of 50. They probably won’t look this good. Sade looks so good b/c she lives a stress free lifestyle. I wish. She lives in a really small quiet town in the English countryside with her daughter, BF, and his son. Good clean living… Some of these young girls should take notes.

    On another note… I love that she has on a headscarf. Keep it real Sade 🙂

  • ignorance

    Bloggers should be ashamed of themselves. Just because she’s not rocking wig/weave, with heavy makeup, 4inch heels, so she looks ugly or a mess. How ignorant is that. Celebrities, like Beyonce, Kim k who always dress up everywhere they go, even to the store, it’s unrealistic, and it’s actually stupid. Sade is comfortable in who she is, she’s secured in the woman that she is, she’s secured in the artist that she is, and doesn’t have to prove anything. Geez, too many ignorant folks, go get educated, and learn that there’s more to life.

  • ignorance

    @ real black is chocolate

    Your comments always show how ignorant, stupid, bitter, you are. Instead of transfering all of that to others, to compensate, I suggest that you go get help.

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