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So here is pretty much what went down at the Lil Kim party:

Police say Rivera, a huge Lil’ Kim fan, paid to attend the event — and even brought the rap diva a bouquet of flowers. According to cops, she and a friend chatted up Rahman while drinking at the bar. At one point in the evening, Rivera was kicked out of the club for accidentally walking into the men’s room. At the same time, according to Rivera’s friend, Rahman coaxed the friend up onto the roof by claiming Rivera was there — that’s when the friend alleges Rahman came on to her. When she blew him off, she says Rahman found Rivera outside and “told her he could get her back in.” Cops say Rahman took Rivera through the employee entrance, up to the roof in a service elevator and that’s when he hit her over the head with a lead pipe inside a utility shed. She was killed instantly. Rahman worked at the club for four years and has no criminal record.



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    Was she 8 in the club? No disrespect…

  • Rozza♥

    She looks so young…and just because he had no record it doesn’t mean he wsn’t dangerous. By his behavior trying to lure someone away to the roof, he has probably done this a lot before.

  • bree

    girls check your friends..thank God i have friends who are more like sisters and we NEVER separate at parties..people are crazy!

  • guilty pleasure

    Where was her girlfriend when all of this was happening?

    When her friend left the club that night….she didn’t realize Rivera was missing??????


    smh, man this really messed up.. poor young lady, LADIES TRAVEL WITH REAL makes me worried about my nieces when they get older

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!

    Good Mornting, peeps!

    Happy Friday!!!

  • bree

    Good Morning!!! it’s friday! happy 8-8-08!


    She obviously made a bad choice and gettin caught slippin cost her. Hope dude gets put away for the duration.

  • The( Delicious ♥ ) Ms. Sugar Walls

    It stll isn’t lil kim fault..this is sad

    and did someone here that they caught a man in the process to assasinate OBAMA??

    He referred to obama as the N word..He was caught with some pistols..


    OBAMA, is seriously going to need some protection like farrahkhan

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!

    Roll call…..




    HAHAHA—Who in de hel……???????

  • southern sway

    This is so sad and could had been prevented if her friends was there. I know with my girls if one leave the club we all leave the club we never seperate that’s how it suppose to be b/c we have to look out for one another when going out like that.

  • The( Delicious ♥ ) Ms. Sugar Walls

    He had mutiple rooms and Military gear..These rednecks IS NOT playing

  • Bird

    That is so terrible. I think there is more to this story. Why would they kick out a person who has probably paid top dollar for VIP just because she accidently walked into the men’s room? Hell even if she went in there on purpose that is no reason to kick her out. I smell a civil suit.

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!


  • The Bear

    Dudes are taking this Usher “I wanna make love in the club” junk way too seriously.

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!

    No disrespect but looking at the picture up top, she looks a whole lot younger than the rest of those girls she’s posing with.

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    is that a pic from the party? she looks too young to even get in…did someone see Rahman hit her over the head? and why would someone with no criminal record snap and kill because he was rebuffed by a girl…that doesn’t make any sense


    Awww man, this story sounds so choppy……I was just talking about going here until my friend text me this story yesterday…. Me and my friends DO NOT roam in the club alone, not even to the bathroom. Use the buddy system, sounds kiddy but at least someone knows your where abouts. This is so sad……R.I.P


    @ Suga Walls…..where did you find this story? I want to read about that…….



    What up? She did look young. Was this an 18 and ova joint?

  • Lisa

    So dude kills a chick because his advances are rebuffed? What is wrong with our society? JUST DAMN.

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!!!

    I can agree it’s not Kim’s fault. However–isn’t it sad how tragedies seem to follow some of these entertainers?

    Lil’ Kim.



    Lil Flip. Or is it Lil’ Flop?

    Wendy Williams. Well, tragedy STAYS with her. Just look at her face!!!

    I know there are others but it’s too early in the morning for me to think right now!

  • The Caps Lock button should be banned...or used appropriately. (Re)

    I SERIOUSLY hope this is the only picture that was found, and not the one they chose.

  • bree

    she definitely looks young..but i believe the reports state she was 24..

    hi Diva!

    Sugar, where did you get that story? is it on msnbc?

  • sickofitt

    Really Sad

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